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A Home Security Camera for Your Pet

Over the past five years, we’ve used security cameras from a variety of brands in our house. Regarding features, they are all fairly comparable. The ease with which you can set them up and connect them to your phone, in my opinion, accounts for the majority of their differences. And as I’ve previously stated in this column, any old phones or tablets you have lying around make for the best security cameras. They can almost all be converted via an app into a viable, feature-laden security camera for free.

However, if you want to purchase one, you can do so online. I have been trying a new one from a brand I’ve used before – the SpotCam Mibo. But this one is special because it’s marketed as a cloud pet camera that supports pan/tilt function to follow your dogs and cats around and is able to detect and track pets versus humans. It captures video in 2K high definition, which looks incredibly clear on both my phone and laptop. 360 degrees of the horizontal pan and 90 degrees of the vertical tilt are covered. That covers a lot of ground. To meet your surveillance needs, the camera can also carry out general sound detection.

Either the WiFi connection or the Ethernet connection, or even both at once, can be used to connect to it. It also has built-in motion/audio detection with real-time notification, similar to other similar devices. According to SpotCam, no other company provides free full-time cloud recording that lasts forever. Plans for up to 365 days of cloud recording are optional. Deer ears headband, flexible cable stand, magnetic base, and camera stand adapter are all included as standard features.

However, the optional A.I. It costs extra to subscribe to the Pet Care Bundle, which includes pet sound detection, a virtual fence, and a pet video diary. And I sort of find that disappointing. It would seem reasonable for a product that advertises its ability to monitor your pet around-the-clock to actually include all of those features, at least for a year. It appears to be just another home security camera if not.

I’ll be honest: I skipped out on the pet care package that was optional. However, the SpotCam works well as an indoor security camera. It made me think of the last camera I used from the company. I initially had some issues connecting to our WiFi network. But after I reset the camera, it worked as intended. The app interface is really nice, and it functions similarly on both Android and iPhone. It has features like night vision, flicker reduction, a status light, and 180-degree video rotation in case you need to mount the camera upside-down from a ceiling or squeeze it into a small space where rightside-up isn’t possible. To communicate with your pet, it also features a microphone and an integrated speaker. Once, I gave it a try, and my dog appeared to become upset. Additionally, you can extract still images from the video, which will be saved to your phone’s photo folder.

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