Are Ring Security Camera Prime Day Deals a Scam

Are Ring Security Camera Prime Day Deals a Scam?

Longtime Prime members can’t have missed the eye-catching early Prime Day discounts on Ring security cameras (and Blink cameras, which are also owned by Amazon, are also significantly reduced). The issue is that there is a catch; these cameras function best with a cloud subscription, and is Amazon offering a discount on that?

It won’t surprise you at all to hear that the answer there is a blunt no. Although there is a discount on the hardware, that doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t saving money. Is the saving really as exciting as it first appears to be?

A Ring smart doorbell, a Ring indoor camera, a floodlight camera for the outdoors, and an Echo Show to be placed in the kitchen and serve as the other end of the video door phone are the components of a reasonable full security installation that I will first outline. Of course, you can use just your phone; there is an app for both Android and iOS as well as any other Alexa devices. But this is classy and, as an Amazon brand, is currently marked down significantly.

Ring Protect has a price per device of $3.99 until Prime Day 2023. Thus, for the cloud storage and a few extra features, you’ll have to pay $43.89 for the first year of each device (you get 30 days free per device). If you pay a year in advance, the price drops to $39.99.

Ring Protect Plus, which protects your entire home for $10 per month or $100 per year, is available if you have three or more devices.

The costs below are based on monthly costs, but they give a clear idea of how things work out. I must admit that I frequently choose monthly fees rather than annual fees. The savings are still noticeable if you purchase more than three cameras (the Echo Show doesn’t have ongoing costs), in addition to the obvious hardware discount.

The calculations demonstrate that, even with the more expensive equipment, like the floodlights, the percentage saving in the first year is still quite large. Of course, with time, that will decrease, but not as quickly as I originally anticipated when I decided to do the math!

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