Black Bear Caught on Camera in Brentwood Neighborhood

On a Brentwood driveway on Sunday night, a black bear was seen by a home security camera snooping around for a snack or two.

A resident of the Witherspoon neighborhood recorded the bear spending up to 30 minutes removing trash from a dumpster and tearing down a bird feeder and sent it to WSMV4.

“Definitely once in a lifetime probably, so pretty cool,” the homeowner’s mother, Julia Clapp, said. “We had a good time with it, and it definitely lit a spark among the neighbors.”

Black Bear Caught on Camera

The black bear, according to the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency (TWRA), was probably a young male out searching for a place to call home. Young male bears travel the farthest and are typically expelled by their mothers after about 16 months.

They typically travel in a wide circle from the plateau or from Kentucky into Middle Tennessee. According to the TWRA, bears know they have found their home when they can see the leading edge of an area where other bears live.

“[It was] pretty cute, pretty awesome and then it kind of set in, we’re really out here playing that time of the night and we just drove up, so, I think we’ll maybe just pop our head out the door next time,” Clapp said.

Despite the fact that black bears are rarely aggressive, wildlife experts advise against approaching or fleeing from them if you come across one. Leave the area quietly by moving away.

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Source: wsmv

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