Body-worn Camera Footage

Body-worn Camera Footage Shows a Baltimore Police Pursuit That Ended in a Deadly Crash

A police chase that resulted in a fatal collision in Roland Park in Baltimore earlier this year is captured on newly released body-worn camera footage.

The car’s passenger seat was occupied by Linda Moss, 74. On March 25, she was killed when the vehicle’s 58-year-old driver—her husband—lost control and crashed into a tree.

In the body-worn camera footage, Baltimore Police officers can be seen pursuing Daniel Moss as he navigated the city.

He was operating a vehicle that was wanted in relation to a Westminster, Maryland, attempted armed robbery.

Over four miles of city streets were covered during the roughly 10-minute-long pursuit.

One of the officers was overheard being instructed to stop pursuing Moss by a supervisor during the pursuit.

“Back off…keep off,” the supervisor said.

“What? It’s a [expletive] armed robbery,” the officer responded.

After hitting a tree and a car, Daniel Moss finally killed Linda Moss.

Daniel Moss was taken out of the car and handcuffed by the police.

They found Linda Moss imprisoned in the vehicle after about two minutes.

Medical personnel pronounced her dead at the scene of the collision.

Her husband was taken to the neighborhood hospital in the interim.

Neither the police pursuit nor the collision have given rise to any charges to date.

The Office of the Maryland Attorney General will decide whether the officers adhered to the proper protocol.

The Independent Investigations Division of the Office of the Maryland Attorney General will make the decision regarding the filing of charges.

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Source: cbsnews

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