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Early-morning Ankeny Crash Caught on Home Security Camera

An early-morning collision on Park Meadows Drive in Ankeny was caught on home security cameras.

Ariel Patton, a resident of Ankeny, recorded video of what appears to be an out-of-control truck damaging a mailbox and hitting trees before coming to a stop out of frame at around one in the morning. On Wednesday, the truck came to a stop after colliding with a tree in a nearby yard.

Residents claim a nearby construction project has increased traffic through their neighborhood.

“According to the rest of my family, they have seen a little more increased traffic through here,” said The yard where the truck crashed belongs to Jason Sash.

A man was reportedly seen stumbling out of the truck and escaping the scene, according to some locals.

The truck, according to Ankeny police, was registered to a nearby company. To determine what led to the collision and who was driving the car, investigators are looking into it.

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Source: KCCI

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