Flipper Zero Mayhem Hat Adds Camera

Flipper Zero Mayhem Hat Adds Camera, More Radios

For a device advertised as the “Multi-tool Device for Hackers”, the An extensive list of onboard features is already available with Flipper Zero. However, in order to reduce the retail price, some difficult choices had to be made, necessitating the removal of features like WiFi and Bluetooth. Luckily, there’s an expansion interface along the top of the device which makes it possible to plug in additional hardware.

One of those expansions is the “Mayhem Hat” from [This board upgrades the Flipper Zero with a number of requested features as well as some that might not be as obvious. WiFi and Bluetooth are added with the addition of an ESP32-CAM, and access to the extremely powerful ESP32Marauder firmware and its wealth of security research tools is also made possible.

But the camera also enables some interesting features, such as motion detection and the ability to read QR codes. It even enables you to use the Flipper as a makeshift digital camera with a viewfinder on the screen reminiscent of the Game Boy Camera.

The Mayhem Hat also has the ability to expand on its own. There’s a spot to plug in either a CC1101 or NRF24l01 radio module, both of which are supported by community developed plugins that allow the user to sniff out and hijack signals. For connecting your own sensors or hardware, there are additional pins available. The device automatically detects the well-known DHT11 environmental sensor in the demonstration video below and displays the current temperature and humidity readings.

[On Tindie, Erwin] is offering the Mayhem Hat for sale, but as of the time of writing, there are none left. It appears that there is an equal amount of demand for the Flipper Zero’s add-on boards as there is for the main product. This is not a huge surprise given the buzz that this platform generated during its $4.8 million Kickstarter campaign.

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Source: hackaday.com

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