Fujifilm Shares a Tour of Its Japanese Camera

Fujifilm Shares a Tour of Its Japanese Camera and Lens Factory

A video tour of one of the camera and lens factories owned by Fujifilm Japan has been released. The company operates six production facilities in total, including four in Japan. Many of Fujifilm’s diverse products are featured in the video, including mirrorless cameras and lenses from the X and GFX series, broadcast lenses from Fujinon, and binoculars. But it is entirely in Japanese.

First spotted by FujiRumors, the initial part of the video focuses on the lens manufacturing process. Beyond the photographic and video lenses PetaPixel routinely covers, The scientific and medical imaging division of Fujifilm offers a wide range of goods, including endoscopic lenses with a diameter of less than 1 mm.

The manufacturing process for lenses is the same regardless of the wide range of sizes that they come in. To enhance optical performance, glass needs to be cut, polished, and coated with high-tech materials. Glass is precisely formed into the ideal sizes and shapes after being melted at very high temperatures. Optically complex designs are created down to the sub-micron scale.

In 1940, Fujifilm began producing lenses and was successful in producing a dozen different types of optical elements. The 1960s saw the launch of the highly regarded Fujinon line of broadcast lenses. Modern optical technologies from Fujifilm are used in cutting-edge fields like artificial intelligence development and machine vision.

From optics to camera manufacturing, the video switches gears. Engineers with exceptional skill and precision are needed to build cameras.

Years before production begins, design meetings are a crucial step. The designers and engineers at Fujifilm frequently collaborate to determine the maximum level of features and performance that is feasible given a set of budgetary and supply restrictions.

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Source: petapixel

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