Hidden Camera

Hidden Camera Found Inside Carter County Jail

ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) – A surveillance camera was discovered in a light fixture in a lawyer client room, sparking an investigation at the Carter County Detention Center.

You can see a screw hole and wires in the light fixture in photos of the hidden camera. Chris Bryant, the sheriff of Carter County, claims that after the camera was discovered, his office conducted an investigation and that the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is also looking into the incident. Jason May, an attorney in Ardmore, was interviewed by News 12 after he saw the camera firsthand.

“After hearing a description of what it appeared to be, I personally went there and saw it as it had been described to me. You could see the wires and you could actually see the lens of the camera through a hole where a screw was missing from the light fixture,” May told News 12.

Bryant claims that in 2002, when a lawyer was under investigation for bringing illegal items into the room for her client, a camera was installed. Bryant gave the OSBI the device, and according to him, an investigation is being done.

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Source: KXII

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