Improve Your Home Security With 60% Off the Blink Outdoor Camera

Improve Your Home Security With 60% Off the Blink Outdoor Camera

Purchase of a top-notch security camera is among the best ways to increase your home’s security. These enable you to keep watch over any area of your house even when you aren’t there.

To monitor every location in a larger home, you’ll need a few cameras. And with the Blink Outdoor eight-camera pack, that’s exactly what you get. To adequately cover every location, that ought to be more than enough.

You can purchase that pack right now for a ridiculously low cost. On Amazon right now, it is only $249.99, a significant discount from its usual $629.98 price! With a 60% cost reduction, each camera now only costs $31.25.

That is an excellent offer. You should have no trouble seeing into every nook and cranny of your house with the eight cameras available. The Blink Mini, this camera’s sibling, impressed us with its performance during our review.

The spec sheet for the Blink Outdoor is even more impressive. It can be used outside as well as inside the house, as the name would imply. It can be powered for up to two years using the two included batteries. That eliminates the hassle of having to switch them out every few weeks.

Regardless of the time of day or night, you will receive an HD video feed. This is made possible by the 1080p camera’s infrared night vision. The camera will even function as a motion sensor when you connect it to the app, alerting you when something moves in front of it.

The app even allows you to set active and inactive zones. You can designate that area as a non-active zone, for instance, if your camera captures part of the sidewalk while facing your front door. You won’t receive a notification every time someone drives by your house; instead, you’ll only receive one if someone knocks on your door.

Additionally, the cameras have two-way audio. This means that you can communicate with those who are close to the camera using the app on your phone. That’s excellent if you need to let someone know that you won’t be entering.

At the regular price, these units are a great choice. It becomes a no-brainer when you consider the positively insane deal they are currently being offered. This is most likely the best offer you’ll find in a while if you’ve been delaying purchasing some cameras for your home. Act quickly, though, as there is no guarantee that it will last for very long.

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