Install Surveillance Cameras at Popular Park

City to Install Surveillance Cameras at Popular Park

Visitors planning trips to Hardy will feel more secure while out and about.

A few months ago, the City of Hardy received a bid for installing security cameras all over the city.

The mayor, Ethan Barnes, explained that phase one of the town’s strategic plan, which includes the placement of the cameras, will start at Loberg Park.

“Loberg Park is a wonderful facility that gets used by residents and tourists, and we just want to make sure we’re preventive on our crime measures,” said Barnes. “In the park, we want visitors to feel secure. Nobody should feel unsafe as a result of anything that has happened.”

The city will be able to see how the cameras operate in other parts of the town by starting at the park, according to Barnes.

“A part of that is that we wanted to start down here in this area because it’s so large and open, we wanted to be able to put cameras in other places, such as the junction here in Hardy,” said Barnes.

Although the majority of the equipment has arrived, the city is still awaiting some parts before installing.

Source: kait8

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