iOS 17 Brings An Awesome Pro Camera Feature to Your iPhone

iOS 17 Brings An Awesome Pro Camera Feature to Your iPhone

I use a lot of cameras in my roles as editor for Tom’s Guide’s Cameras and a photographer. I enable the visual level on each and every camera where it is possible to do so.

A level does exactly what it says on the box: It provides a visual reference for the angle of your camera so that you can determine when it is level. For the look and feel of your shots, this is very helpful. Your photo will appear amateurish if the horizon is off-center.

You can now get level shots with your iPhone’s camera thanks to iOS 17. Apple is steadily adding more features, both large and small, that are found in the top mirrorless cameras available right now.

This level is not flawless, mind you. One reason is that it only displays left and right tilt, whereas leveling tools in most cameras also display forward and backward pitch to help you determine if your camera is positioned correctly. For example, this would be very helpful when trying to align your iPhone on a tripod to make sure it is pointing straight ahead and not up or down. I’m not sure why this is left out since the iPhone’s built-in level tool (located in the Measure app) displays pitch and tilt.

Additionally, it seems odd that the camera level only functions in landscape mode. As a portrait photographer, I always use the level when shooting in portrait orientation because horizons can still be off-center.

But even so, it’s still nice to have proper photography features, particularly on my iPhone 14 Pro Max, which Apple advertises as a serious photography tool.

The camera level is accessible but tucked away in Settings. This is how you turn it on.

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