iOS 17 Camera App

iOS 17 Camera App Can Help Straighten Your Shooting Angle

A grid that can be superimposed on the screen to help you apply the rule of thirds is one of the optional settings in the iOS Camera app that can help you line up your shots.

And for the past few years, the Grid mode has had a somewhat hidden leveling feature for top-down photos that appears as a floating crosshair to ensure that you are lined up correctly above your subject.

Apple has improved camera leveling in iOS 17 by separating it from Grid mode to be its own option and expanding it to include a horizontal level for more conventional straight-on photos.

When you turn on the Level option, a broken horizontal line will appear on the screen when your iPhone detects you are lining up for a straight-on shot and you tilt your device just a little bit. When your phone isn’t level, the line is white. When you successfully get it level, the line turns yellow to signify success.

It doesn’t obtrusively pop up when you’re trying to take a photo at an angle because the leveling pop-up only appears for a brief period of time and only within a small range of angles close to horizontal (in either portrait or landscape orientation).

If you have Grid mode enabled before upgrading, the new option appears to be off by default, but it is enabled by default if you already use Grid mode. The Settings app’s Camera section has a toggle for the option.

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Source: Macrumors

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