iPhone 15 Pro Max

iPhone 15 Pro Max Leaks Show Super-thin Bezels and Larger Camera Bump

We allegedly saw the iPhone 15 Pro’s development on April 8. As individual lenses appear to have doubled in size from the previous generation, the camera bump was the big news. More information is available now.

There doesn’t seem to be any significant increase planned for the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Today, the leaker ShrimpApplePro(opens in new tab) has shared photos claiming to be of the phone’s CAD, sourced “from a case manufacturer.”

In the aforementioned Twitter thread, ShrimpApplePro provides the phone’s precise dimensions, albeit with a small qualification. “Note that the measurements of my iPhone 15 Pro Max 3D model may not be exactly the same as others out there but I believe its measurements are accurate and wanted to share them with you,” the leaker writes. “I double-checked the CAD from last year, and it was incredibly accurate.”

Naturally, that width measurement only applies to the phone’s body and ignores the camera bump. With the camera bump included, it’s up to 12.02mm, which the leaker claims is around “5 percent bigger” than the current generation (up from 1.85mm to 2.05mm).

Notably, the leaker notes that the actual lenses protrude less than they did last year—down from 2.33mm to 1.73mm. That stands in stark contrast to the iPhone 15 Pro, whose lens protrusion is rumored to have doubled, and may lend support to the speculation that the iPhone’s first periscope camera will be a Pro Max-only feature.

One other interesting note from the leak: ShrimpApplePro describes “weird objects” atop the solid-state volume buttons. According to the leaker, this is conductive padding that is affixed to phone cases to ensure that gesture and action sensitivity function even when not in contact with the new-look controls.

The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max glass covers, according to the leaker IceUniverse(opens in new tab), have allegedly been in his possession. Glass sheets do show how thick the bezels are, which is not particularly interesting in and of itself, and it appears that the iPhone 15 Pro handsets will have the thinnest bezels yet.

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