iPhone 15 Rumored to Mount Upgraded Camera Lens & Wider Aperture

iPhone 15 Rumored to Mount Upgraded Camera Lens & Wider Aperture

One of the first smartphones to use a new hybrid camera lens that combines glass and plastic components to take better pictures may be the iPhone 15 line.

A recent rumor from “RGcloudS” on Twitter has released another leak of the upcoming iPhone 15 models. Twitter is a prolific leaker of Android technology. According to their claims, the new gadgets have a hybrid lens with an f/1.7 aperture.

In order to achieve the desired optical performance while controlling costs and weight, manufacturers of smartphone camera lenses occasionally combine glass and plastic elements. Sharpness, chromatic aberration, and distortion are just a few examples of the aspects of image quality that can be affected by how these elements are arranged.

The “1G6P” configuration in the leak spotted by MacRumors indicates that the lens comprises one glass element followed by six plastic elements. Although the iPhone 15 phones will have the same Sony IMX sensor as the iPhone 14 Pro models, the wider aperture will enable it to capture up to 20% more light.

Apple is said to be improving the wide camera for the upcoming iPhone 16 Pro Max with an eight-component hybrid lens made of two glass pieces and six plastic ones. Additionally, the telephoto and ultra-wide cameras will have hybrid lenses with five and six elements, with Sunny Optical Technology serving as the manufacturer.

A rumor that the iPhone 15 might use longer-lasting stacked batteries was also shared by the same account on July 17. They can be charged and depleted much more quickly, allowing them to charge more quickly and draw more power from the battery when necessary.

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Source: appleinsider

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