IR Camera is Excellent Hacking Platform

IR Camera is Excellent Hacking Platform

The overall trend in electronics is toward lower costs or higher performance, despite occasional hiccups. This can be observed in fairly obvious ways, such as more affordable and powerful computers, but it also frequently implies that more powerful software can be used in other devices without expensive hardware to support it. [Manawyrm and Toble_Miner discovered this to be the case with a specific cheap thermal camera that comes pre-installed with Linux, and they discovered that this platform was almost ideal for tinkering with and adding a ton of other features to transform it into a much more capable tool.

The team has been developing an SC240N version of the InfiRay C200 infrared camera, which includes a Hisilicon SoC as standard equipment. As this platform can display 25 frames per second on the display, it is a great candidate for modification. A few ports, including USB and MicroSD, were added to the gadget, making it possible to access the internal serial port with ease. From there, the device can be fitted with the uboot bootloader to enable it to run practically anything that could be found on any other Linux machine, such as supporting a webcam interface (and including a port of DOOM, of course). Nevertheless, the team’s work goes beyond software adjustments. Additionally, they added a magnetically attached lens to the camera to change its focal length and enhance its ability to capture images at closer ranges.

This device’s internal workings are fascinating, but it also functions quite well as an independent infrared camera. Although we have seen thermal cameras that easily fit in a pocket and are based on nothing more powerful than an ESP32, it tends to simplify the development process dramatically to include Linux and a little more processing power if you can. However, the hardware and software requirements for these devices do not require a full Linux environment to work.

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Source: hackaday

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