iRobot's Roomba Can Now Be a Security Camera

iRobot’s Roomba Can Now Be a Security Camera

I received a notification this morning on my iRobot app informing me that, should I choose to, I can now use the j7 Combo robot vacuum to view a live view of my house. The company’s top-of-the-line robot vacuum is now a live-streaming security camera thanks to a new beta feature called Remote Check-In.

iRobot is playing catch-up here; lots of robot vacuum manufacturers have had the live view camera function for a while now (including Roborock and Ecovacs models, as well as Samsung’s JetBot AI. Nevertheless, I was curious to see how the Roomba would approach this new task.

Remote Check-In was introduced in November 2022 as a restricted version of the iRobot beta program (for which you must register in the app). According to Ryan Schneider of iRobot, it officially went on general sale today. Thus, my app’s alert. Additionally, according to Schneider, the feature is only accessible in the United States, only on iOS devices, and only on the company’s j7 series of vacuum cleaners (the Roomba j7, Roomba j7 Plus, and Roomba Combo j7 Plus, which all feature AI-powered obstacle avoidance technology).

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Source: theverge

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