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Under $25 Scores: Kasa Spot Security Camera Offers Peace of Mind on a Budget/

There are many good reasons to install security cameras inside your house. When you’re away from home, it’s simple to check in on your pets, monitor your children, or add an extra layer of security with a connected camera.

But the issue is that most home security cameras are either prohibitively expensive or call for some kind of monthly fee; even if they are reasonably priced, the video quality is insufficient for practical use. Since the Kasa Spot falls into that last category, I’ll be honest and say that I fully anticipated it. But now that I’ve been using it for a week, I can definitely tell that it’s a score.

How I Found the Kasa Spot Indoor Security Camera

I’ve examined a large number of home security cameras. I’ve tested cameras that cost hundreds of dollars and have expensive subscriptions from companies such as Ring, as well as inexpensive cameras that often trigger an automatic feeling of “that’s probably too good to be true.” However, occasionally a product catches you off guard, as the original Wyze Cam did.

So, when my editor asked me to check out the Kasa Spot, I was cautiously optimistic after reading the spec sheet and discovering that the camera had a microSD card slot for local storage, 24/7 recording, and 1080p/15fps video. I’ve reviewed several TP-Link cameras, so I knew what to anticipate from the app.

I can tell you from experience that a cheap home security camera like this one either does just enough to justify the low price, offering adequate picture quality and a dependable app experience, or the video and pictures are so excessively pixelated and the app is so slow that it is not even worth the money.

Without giving too much away, I can also say that the Kasa Spot is definitely a purchase that was justified.

Why It’s a Score

For something you don’t have to spend a lot of money on, the Kasa Spot camera is surprisingly capable and has a long list of features. Even though the camera defaults to 720p when 24/7 recording is enabled to conserve space on your microSD card, you get 1080p HD video.

The quality of the video appears to be good enough for me to feel secure using it to check in on my children, a pet, or even use the footage should someone break into my office. Even though the night vision video is a little too bright for my tastes, you can still make out who or what started the recording and get the gist of what’s happening in the video. Additionally, because the Kasa Spot’s video is limited to 15 frames per second, you may notice some pixelation in some clips, particularly if there is a lot of movement. However, it hasn’t yet gotten to the point where the video is no longer helpful.

The best part is that you can access the camera’s livestream and recordings remotely without having to subscribe to any kind of service. However, I must note that when I attempted to view the camera’s stream while I was out of the house, it took longer than I’d like.

Within a few seconds of new activity, motion alerts and notifications when a person was seen in the camera’s 113-degree field of view were sent out. Even though some security cameras charge a monthly fee for alerts that go above and beyond basic motion detection, I’ll reiterate that you don’t need a subscription for person detection.

Anytime a trustworthy device can be found for less than $25, it’s a win. However, it’s hard to pass up a security camera that offers microSD card 24/7 recording, reliable activity alerts, no monthly subscription requirement, and decent enough video quality.

It’s simple to overlook some of the Kasa Spot’s quirks because it accomplishes everything you’d want an indoor security camera to do. You can purchase the 2K version for under $35 if you decide you want a home security camera with higher-quality video capabilities.

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Source: CNN Underscored

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