Downtown Security Camera System

Macon Mayor Proposes $700K Downtown Security Camera System

MACON, Georgia: Soon, some areas of Macon might be home to some new, permanent high-tech neighbors.

If the Macon-Bibb commission approves them, about $700,000 worth of security cameras could be on the way. Nowadays, cameras can be found everywhere.

They can be found in shops, dining establishments, and even medical offices. They might soon be spotted everywhere in downtown Macon.

“I don’t really give it much thought. If you wake up and it’s 20 degrees outside, you probably feel the same as everyone else and say, “Eh.”,'” said Baldino’s Subs in downtown Macon employee Isaiah Thompson

The weather is Thompson’s biggest concern when he wakes up for work each morning. He only recently arrived in Macon. So, he doesn’t really pay attention to crime.

“I haven’t personally seen much in my brief time here. Or at least nothing major,” Thompson said.

Lester Miller, the mayor of Macon, is aware of crime. His proposal for the camera system states that some of the interest stems from “high-profile” crimes downtown.

In a drive-by shooting near Martin Luther King Jr. in October, four people were injured. Street and Cherry Boulevard. The county commission was contacted by downtown bartenders in the weeks that followed, requesting an increase in the number of deputies stationed there.

Although he is unsure whether the cameras are necessary, Thompson believes they might be helpful.

“My friend returned inside the shop the other day, which I had to deal with. He told me he almost got hit by a car,” Thompson said. “So, if the security cameras can catch it, like if somebody did happen to get hit, then they can kind of see what happened.”

More importantly, in Thompson’s opinion, having it now even if you don’t need it is preferable to never having it at all. The first vote by the commissioners will occur during the committee meeting on Tuesday morning. After that, they’ll have a second vote to make it all final.

Additional surveillance equipment would be installed in Carolyn Crayton Park and along the Riverwalk. Based in LaGrange, AdaptToSolve, Inc. would supply the cameras.

Tomorrow morning, before the commissioners cast their votes, the company will present its product.

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Source: 13wmaz

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