Montgomery Co. Aims for Security Camera Incentives

Montgomery Co. Aims for Security Camera Incentives by September

According to law enforcement officials who spoke at a county council meeting on Monday, Montgomery County, Maryland leaders intend to have a security camera incentive program up and running by September.

With the help of the county police department, a person, company, or nonprofit will be able to apply for the program and submit an application to receive a voucher or rebate to help pay for a security camera on their property.

The department will cover up to $250 for one camera per eligible resident and up to $1,250 for five cameras for eligible businesses or nonprofits in eligible applications.

In D.C., there is a comparable program. that creates a rebate for residents, businesses, nonprofits and religious institutions to purchase and install security camera systems on their property.

“There are areas that I think probably can benefit from the usages of these cameras from a safety perspective,” said Police Chief Marcus Jones of the county.

According to Jones, cameras frequently increase the rate of solvability.

“We are seeing incredible results as a result of investigative leads in order to be able to help identify individuals that may be involved in criminal activity,” Jones said.

In one specific instance, Jones cited a weekend incident in Silver Spring in which a 2-year-old child was the target of an attempted abduction.

According to Jones, the parents managed to stop the kidnapping, and police were able to apprehend the suspect after using footage from nearby cameras to identify and locate him.

“Having that individual identified, they were able to locate him and actually placed them under arrest as a result of the cameras,” Jones explained. “If not, we are unsure of how long it would have taken us to solve that specific attempted kidnapping.”

The cost of a camera won’t be covered for every county resident.

Those qualified must live in a “priority area” where crime levels are elevated.

The police department will use a crime “heat map” that updates every two days, showing locations of various crimes and how often they occur.

“We can narrow those down and say relative to the rest of the district where we experienced a lot of these incidents,” said Lieutenant Dan Helton of the county’s police force.

Over a thousand cameras should be covered by the more than $250,000 the county has allocated for the program.

The program will likely be very well-liked, according to Evan Glass, president of the Montgomery County Council.

“We are going to be inundated by constituents who are asking to participate,” Glass said. “I predict that because the applications for this program will be processed so quickly, the requests for those funds will be processed in a matter of days or weeks.”

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