Galaxy S22 Camera

New Galaxy S22 Camera Updates: Let You Capture The Stars Like A Pro

The pro-grade smartphone camera with cutting-edge Nightography features was unveiled with the Galaxy S22 series earlier this year. This camera has recently improved. You’ll be able to take photos that are of a professional caliber using an updated version of the Expert RAW app and a brand-new app called Camera Assistant.

Capture The Galaxy With Astrophoto In Expert Raw

The S22’s already impressive night photography abilities are enhanced by the Expert RAW’s potent Astrophoto feature. Using this brand-new feature, outdoor enthusiasts and those who enjoy stargazing can capture crystal-clear images of constellations and other nighttime phenomena.

To locate constellations, solar systems, clumps of stars, and nebula, merely turn on the Sky guide. Your camera will take pictures over a predetermined time period using cutting-edge AI segmentation technology and multi-frame processing based on celestial body movements. You’ll consequently get gorgeous pictures of the stars that appear to have been taken with high-end professional gear.

If you enjoy using your creativity, you can use the Multiple exposures feature to capture multiple images at once and then combine them using overlay modes to create a singular eye-catching image. You can also experiment with superimposing multiple images on top of one another to create amazing abstract pictures.

Select the Special Photo options from the Settings menu of Expert RAW to access the beta versions of Astrophoto and Multiple exposures.

Camera Assistant App Lets You Take Photos On Your Own Terms

Every serious photographer has their own shooting preferences, so it’s essential to have a camera that allows you to express your creativity. For a completely personalized shooting experience, use the new Camera Assistant app to pick and choose which automated features you want to use.

You can get the app from either the Good Lock app or the Galaxy Store. After installing the app, you can access the Camera Assistant menu in your default camera app’s Camera Settings or by clicking the app’s icon to open the Good Lock app.

You have the choice of turning on or off features like Auto lens switching, Auto HDR, and Faster shutter in the Camera Assistant app. Additionally, you have more choices, such as the ability to decide how many photos you want to take after the timer has sounded.

The Camera Assistant app allows you to enjoy the following key features:

  • Auto HDR: Now, all you have to do is turn off HDR to get atmospheric photos without it.
  • Soften pictures: This function can be activated to soften the textures and sharp edges in your photos.
  • Auto lens switching: The automatic lens switching feature, which switches your camera’s lenses as you get closer to your subject or in low light conditions, can now be disabled. For instance, you can simply turn it off in the menu if you want to continue using the telephoto lens rather than the wide lens to capture images of objects that are nearer to you.
  • Video recording in Photo mode: To avoid unintentionally recording a video, you can now disable the feature that enables you to take a video clip by holding down the button for a prolonged period of time while in photo mode.
  • Number of pictures after timer: After the timer has finished counting down, you could already automatically take a number of photos quickly one after another. One, three, five, or seven photos can now be taken, depending on your preference.
  • Faster shutter: You can take up to seven photos in a second using this mode. When taking pictures of moving objects, this is incredibly helpful.
  • Camera Timeout: The Camera app’s (preview screen) continuous on time can be set to 1, 2, 5, or 10 minutes.
  • Clean preview on HDMI displays: On displays that are connected via HDMI, display only the camera preview.

Source: Samsung

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