New Security Camera Program

New Security Camera Program is Included in Parkersburg’s Proposed CDBG Budget

The HOME Consortium and Community Development Block Grant budget plan for the development department was approved for submission to city council by Parkersburg’s finance committee.

One new initiative in the budget is intended to encourage citizens to purchase security cameras. The purpose, according to Development Director Ryan Barber, is to prevent crime and aid law enforcement in their inquiries. He made it clear that this does not imply that individuals would be compelled to share their security footage.

Private residents who either have a low income or reside in a low income area are eligible for the program.

According to Barber, depending on how expensive the camera that participating residents purchase, they may receive up to $200 in reimbursement.

The cameras are not intended for use indoors; rather, they are designed for use outside.

On May 9th at 6:30pm in the Glenn Meeks Conference Room on the second floor of the Municipal Building, the public will have the opportunity to comment on the HOME Consortium and Community Development Block Grant budget plan.

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Source: wtap

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