New Security Cameras in Reducing Crime

Alderman Monsour Expresses High Hopes for New Security Cameras in Reducing Crime in the City

Alderman Alex J. spoke at the Friday meeting of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen. Monsour Jr. provided an update on the new security cameras that will be installed throughout the city.

Monsour saw the NOLA cameras firsthand at the University of New Orleans with a group of interested parties including Police Chief Penny Jones.

Monsour said the cameras were “state of the art” and were equipped with facial recognition and the ability to identify paraphernalia: “The pills can be read from about 300 feet away while they are in people’s hands.”

Monsour further praised the camera’s advanced capabilities in recognizing crime as it occurs stating, “It can identify murders and anyone shooting a gun.”

Monsour argued that the cameras should be used as a deterrent in addition to for identification and evidence. “It sends a message to the criminals,” he explained, “they need to go somewhere else.”

Noting the relative newness of the program, Monsour assured citizens of the benefits of being among the first cities to adopt and pioneer it: “A fantastic tool, it is. Vicksburg will become well-known, and I can assure you that everyone else will be trying to imitate what we’re doing.”

“The cameras are going to make the city a very safe place and a bad place for criminals,” said Monsour.

Concerning the timeline for the implementation of these devices, Monsour stated, “16 have already been put in place.” He then elaborated that it will take a little more time to get power to them all and to bring them online as well as to install about 52 more units throughout the city for a “wide span.”

Monsour also praised Chief Jones for her role in helping Vicksburg become a leader in this program. Jones “led a neighborhood program where they bring the command center in and let the neighborhood people go in there and see what the cameras are actually doing,” Monsour explained.

Monsour ended by thanking the Board for their support for this new proactive approach to reducing crime which he called a “game changer for the city of Vicksburg.”

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Source: vicksburgnews

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