Northville to Purchase New Camera

Northville to Purchase New Camera to Monitor Ballot Box

At city hall, a new camera will be watching those handing in their absentee ballots for the upcoming election in November.

The Northville City Council recently gave its approval for the purchase of a new camera and related hardware to watch over the Main Street voting machine. The city will receive new tools to monitor the drop box in accordance with state law thanks to the expense, which comes to just under $5,000.

The city works with Camtronics, a business with headquarters in Canton Township, and police chief Alan Maciag reported to the city council at its meeting on May 1 that he did a walkthrough with representatives from the company to locate a good place for a new camera.

“Per the election law, the ballot box has to be under video monitoring to comply with the law,” he said. “They did find a good camera and a good place to mount it so they could keep an eye on the new ballot drop box.”

At the moment, a camera appears to be watching the drop box in the circle drive in front of city hall, which is affixed to the building. The current camera would remain in place in addition to the new one. The cost to the city would be $4,951.73 for the entire system, which includes the camera, installation, and storage drive. According to Maciag, the state should reimburse that cost.

Not just the election box camera, but the city’s entire surveillance system will have more storage space thanks to the new storage system, according to Maciag.

Andrew Krenz of the city council questioned whether there might be any problems with the camera’s angle, particularly when cars approach from the circle drive.

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Source: hometownlife

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