Caught on Camera in ‘Fireworks Drive-by

Police Arrest Teens Caught on Camera in ‘Fireworks Drive-by’ Aimed at Homes in Dearborn Heights

Security camera video showed teens shooting fireworks directly at homes in Dearborn Heights. Another video showed a teenager lighting off a firework on a stranger’s patio furniture.

Around 4 a.m. earlier this week, according to Michelle Rhodes, she heard fireworks outside her house., but it wasn’t caught on camera.

“Before I can get to the door, all I could see was running,” said Rhodes. “I didn’t anticipate seeing someone do that in front of my house, right here in the middle, on the curb, before taking off.”

Fear drove her to call the Dearborn Heights police.

“My fear was that it was going to go up in the trees because our trees are right here, and then you have the neighbor’s cars,” Rhodes said.

Kevin Swope, Director of Police Operations for DHPD, reported that they had received numerous reports of similar crimes within the previous month.

“I’m not sure that these juveniles understand the consequences of like these fireworks off near someone’s home,” said Swope.

According to Swope, either the teenagers or a resident of the homes they were targeting could have been injured.

Investigators were able to locate three suspects using vehicle plates they found on security camera footage.

“The juveniles admitted to doing up to 20 or 25 of these ‘Firework drive by’ per SE,” said Swope. “Knowing who is responsible is relieving, and hopefully this will put an end to it.”

Charges are pending, according to DHPD, and the parents of the teenagers are now involved.

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