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Punxsy Man Accused of Using Spy Camera to Take Video of Naked Girl

A Punxsutawney man is facing a slew of child pornography charges after being accused of using a spy camera to record a young girl in the nude and having a number of other pornographic videos on his phone. JEFFERSON COUNTY, PA. (WTAJ).

On July 13, 2021, troopers spoke with a woman who claimed to have discovered a video of the girl in a bathroom, barefoot, on Charles Ferguson’s, 27, phone. After confronting Ferguson about it, the woman claimed to have deleted the video.

Ferguson claimed that a camera had turned on by itself and sent the video to his phone when she questioned him about the video. The camera used to record the video was allegedly given to the woman by Ferguson after that. She then smashed the camera with a hammer, the woman told state police.

Ferguson was then approached by the officers, who invited him to report to the state police barracks for questioning. Before being taken to the barracks, state police requested Ferguson turn over the cell phone he was carrying, according to court records. Ferguson did so.

Ferguson asserted that the woman refused to show the video to him when he inquired about it and claimed that the camera had never been used. He added that he had never seen the girl in the nude and that the camera had never been set up in the bathroom.

Ferguson was then asked by state police if his phone could be sent for a forensic search. According to the criminal complaint, he expressly stated “no” and said he needed his phone for bills and unemployment money.

On July 15, 2021, the woman called the police to report that she had found a bag that belonged to Ferguson and had discovered several pairs of the girl’s underwear as well as sex toys inside. In addition, she informed state police that she had located the location where she thinks Ferguson hid the camera in the bathroom, which was on top of a cabinet.

In November 2021, according to the police, Ferguson’s cell phone was later obtained through a search warrant and taken to a computer crime lab to be examined. A sim card from a phone was used to retrieve 18 deleted videos in February 2022. The criminal complaint states that although a video of the girl was not discovered, 11 of the 18 recovered videos were found to contain child pornography.

Google searches were also found on the phone that involved “how to use a file hider on an android phone” and “cheapest mini spy camera,” according to the criminal complaint.

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On December, Ferguson appeared in court. 26, 2022 and placed in He is detained in Jefferson County Prison there on a $25,000 bail. He is accused of 11 felony counts of child pornography.

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Source: WTAJ

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