Ring Camera Footage

Ring Camera Footage Can Be Obtained by Police

Whether you’re on the lookout for “porch pirates,” wild animals or car thieves, a video doorbell or security camera can come in handy — and law enforcement agencies are taking notice.

The Neighbors social network in the Ring app is modeled after a neighborhood watch system. User videos are requested by law enforcement through that network, according to Consumer Reports’ Dan Wroclawski.

More than 2,500 local law enforcement organizations are currently partners of Ring. Social justice and digital rights organizations that believe the program unfairly targets communities of color have criticized the program.

So, are you required to turn over your Ring video if police ask for it? Legally, no, according to Consumer Reports.

“If police ask for your footage, you can choose to share it with them or you can simply ignore the request,” Wroclawski said.

Ring claims that if you don’t share the video, law enforcement won’t have access to your cameras, videos, or any of your personal data. Your Ring cameras’ live feed is never available to the police.

However, the video is still available to the police.

Here’s How Police Can Get Ring Video Without Your Consent

“If your footage is stored in the cloud on manufacturers’ servers, police can get it in two ways,” Wroclawski said.

Police can use a search warrant, subpoena, or cite a federal law that permits manufacturers to share footage in a situation where there may be a risk to life.

Police may come to your home to deliver a search warrant or ask for the video directly if it is locally stored on your camera.

How to Opt Out of Ring Video Requests from Police

You can choose not to allow law enforcement to request your footage if you own a Ring camera. The Ring app’s settings offer that option.

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Source: nbcwashington

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