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Ring Doorbell Camera Catches Suspects Stealing from Vehicles in Brookline

In the middle of the night, thieves were caught on multiple doorbell cameras in Brookline breaking into cars.

Even though they don’t always stop crimes, doorbell cameras, according to the police, do often aid in their investigation.

Many doorbell cameras in Brookline managed to catch the thieves in the act in this particular case.

“It makes you feel violated,” said David Sabo.

Rossmore Avenue is where Sabo resides. He claimed that on Thursday morning as he was preparing to leave for work, he noticed his passenger side door was slightly ajar.

He claims that when he entered, he discovered that his headphones, iPod, backpack, and some exercise equipment were missing.

“We had what we thought was a safe neighborhood,” Sabo said. “No nighttime disturbances, nice neighbors. You experience a mild sense of violation as a result. However, that is the world we reside in.”

On Lamarido Street, less than half a mile away, a resident gave KDKA-TV a video of her Ring doorbell that shows a man testing car door handles in the middle of the night.

The alleged burglar is seen wandering around the 600 block while wearing a dark-colored hoodie, a mask, and Sabo’s stolen red backpack. He approaches a black car and reaches for the handle to try to open the door. He tries again, but it doesn’t work, so he keeps going, stopping at the red pickup truck, and then he leaves.

In the early hours of Thursday, this activity persisted on a number of Brookline streets.

“They might have broken my windows or stolen my sunglasses. On a badness scale from one to 10, it’s like a two,” Sabo said.

According to Sabo, police contacted him on Thursday night to let him know they had found some of his stolen property and had taken two minors into custody. He claims to have made a mistake.

“I’m not going to leave my gym bag and my Beats by Dre headphones in my car overnight anymore and I’ll make sure I lock it,” Sabo said.

Additionally, according to Sabo, the police promised to return his stolen property to him in a few days.

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Source: cbsnews

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