Ring In-car Security Camera

Ring Finally Debuts Its In-car Security Camera

Ring displayed a concept product at the tail end of 2020 that it said would eventually be available for purchase by consumers. The Always Home Cam is a miniature drone that was created to patrol your house while you were away looking for intruders. The company gave us our first in-flight view of the hardware at CES 2023, but it hasn’t yet given a price or release date.

The entire package appears more like a countertop appliance for the kitchen, such as a smart bread bin, than a security drone. While it doesn’t look like any other drone currently on the market, it sounds a lot like one. It is slightly bigger than it appears in Ring’s initial demo videos, but not by much. When this thing is out on patrol, you can anticipate a similarly irate animal if you’ve ever irritated a pet with a toy mini drone.

When it finally made its debut, the Ring team did explain how this would function, including the fact that it would cover one floor of your home, ideally the ground floor. To train it, walk around your house in a series of flightpaths while holding it (without blocking the camera). You can quickly check the back door or see if you turned the stove on thanks to the ability to set multiple paths and individual waypoints.

You can also program the camera to pause in midair and rotate around to scan the surrounding area if you notice anything suspicious. When we finally get to use a drone, there won’t be a separate app for controlling it; everything will be integrated into Ring’s current app. Unfortunately, Ring isn’t quite ready to express its opinions on the subject, but the fact that it’s willing to display prototypes suggests that it’s more likely than not getting close to going on sale.

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