Ring's New Indoor Security Camera

Ring’s New Indoor Security Camera Comes With a Physical Privacy Shutter

Ring, a company that provides smart home security, has updated its indoor camera to include a manual privacy cover that turns off all audio and video recording.

The physical shut-off feature is unique to this Ring home security camera. In the past, you had to use the app, unplug the camera, or buy a separate $10 Privacy Kit with a cover that only turned off video recording and not audio in order to stop recording audio and video.

For $59.99, you can preorder the new Ring Indoor Cam today, and it will arrive on May 24th, 2023. Its hardware is identical to that of its forerunner: a wired camera with motion-activated recording, two-way talk, an integrated siren, 1080p HD video, and color night vision.

The new model’s redesigned mount, which makes it simpler to change the camera’s view, is the only other difference.

Anyone who was thinking about purchasing a Ring Cam but was deterred by the company’s recent decision to paywall its Home & Away Modes should consider the new camera. With just one tap on the homescreen, you can use that feature to turn off the camera in the Ring app. You must access the device’s settings in order to disable it in the app without spending $4 per month on a Ring subscription. It is not practical to do this every time you leave or arrive at home because it requires several taps.

The camera wouldn’t be recording motion events if you weren’t paying for a Ring Protect Plan; you need to sign up to record any videos. The ability to know when your camera is off when you are home, however, is a crucial feature of many security cameras.

Physical shutters are a feature that some indoor security cameras from Simplisafe, Arlo, and GE Cync all have. A fully physical one has the drawback that it is impossible to remotely access if you want to check on your house while you’re away and you left the light on. On the plus side, nobody else can remotely open it either.

If you already own a Ring Indoor Cam, the Privacy Kit Cover option does come with a power cord with a switch that will turn the entire camera off and is a little bit simpler to use than unplugging it.

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Source: theverge

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