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Rumor: All iPhone 15 Cameras Will Be 48 Megapixels

Apple may be considering bringing the potent camera system to the entire iPhone 15 family after adding a 48MP camera to the iPhone 14 Pro lineup.

The latest rumor surrounding the iPhone 15 camera comes from ITHome, from a broader report on In order to handle more complicated orders, Sony contacted TSMC.

Specifically, due to “the lack of production capacity,” In addition to other requirements, Sony has contacted TSMC to handle color filter film for its camera units.

The report claims that Apple is one of the reasons Sony will be under pressure in 2023 because more Apple smartphones will come equipped with the 48MP camera that the company debuted with the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. The rumor states Apple is going with a “full upgrade” to the 48MP camera setup for the full iPhone 15 range, rather than just the Pro-branded models.

Sony is under pressure as a result of the change in demand for the hardware. Following orders to other businesses like TSMC last year, the report continues by stating that Sony may soon expand its back-end process even further.

Because the camera setup is more complicated as it transitions from a double layer to a triple layer, Sony has experienced manufacturing issues. The newest CMOS sensors from Sony utilize stacking technology, which involves stacking amplifier circuits and photodiodes.

Sony’s cameras are more sensitive and have better signal-to-noise ratios as a result of this manufacturing process, which results in images with less image noise.

The manufacturing of components like the logic layers and photodiodes will reportedly be handled by TSMC. Sony will rely on businesses like Tongxin Electronics and Caiyu for its back-end manufacturing, meanwhile.

For Apple’s upcoming camera systems in the iPhone 15 lineup, supply issues have previously been reported. This particular camera system was cited as a potential cause of the iPhone 15’s potential production delays in May 2023.

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Source: appleinside

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