Russian Hackers Target Security Cameras

Russian Hackers Target Security Cameras Inside Ukraine Coffee Shops

In order to gather information about aid convoys passing by, Russian hackers gained access to private security cameras in Ukrainian coffee shops, a top US security official claimed on Tuesday.

The Russian government and government-backed hackers continue to attack Ukrainian information technology systems as part of their invasion of the nation, according to Rob Joyce, director of cybersecurity at the National Security Agency.

He said one area of focus is closed-circuit TV cameras used by local governments and private companies to monitor their surroundings.

“There are continued attacks on Ukrainian interests, whether it’s financial, government, personal, individual business, just trying to be disruptive,” In Washington’s Center for International and Strategic Studies, Joyce made a statement.

“There are inventive activities taking place. We are watching the Russian hackers log into public-facing webcams to watch convoys and trains delivering aid,” he said.

“Additionally, they are hacking those webcams… And instead of using the town square (cameras) that are available to the internet, they’re looking at the coffee shop security camera and seeing the road they need to see,” he said.

In order to learn more about the arms supply chain to Ukraine, Russian hackers are also concentrating their efforts on US defense and logistical transport firms, the source claimed.

“They are under daily pressure from the Russians,” he said.

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Source: theguardian

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