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Samsung Galaxy S23 Camera Update Will Seriously Improve Your Portrait Shots

In the middle of February 2023, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S23 Ultra and its smaller siblings. Since then, the Korean giant has released a number of updates for its top-tier phones to fix various bugs and enhance camera performance. The autofocus algorithm was improved in the April 2023 update, which also included a number of other improvements. The Galaxy S23 will soon have the option to take portrait photos at a 2x zoom thanks to another significant camera update being developed by Samsung.

You can take portrait photos at a 2x zoom on the Google Pixel 7 Pro, one of the best Android smartphones. On the Galaxy S23 series, this is not possible because Samsung only offers the option to take portrait photos at a zoom level of 1x or 3x, with the latter setting utilizing the telephoto camera.

Though it is not excessively zoomed in or out, many people prefer taking pictures at a 2x zoom (50mm focal length). You don’t have to be too close to the subject to take the picture, unlike with a 3x zoom.

The next update will include the ability to take portrait photos at a 2x zoom, according to a Samsung moderator in charge of the Galaxy S23’s camera. The 2x option would be a welcome addition given the Galaxy S23’s amazing portrait photography capabilities with background blur.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra’s camera has experienced HDR vignetting issues ever since it was introduced, and Samsung’s camera team is working to fix them (via @UniverseIce). The majority of the time when taking photos in low light, this vignetting is noticeable. The fix will be included in the upcoming software update for the phone, which is anticipated to release later this month.

Early in the month, at the start of May 2023, the Galaxy S23 series received its security patch, but it didn’t include any additional fixes. According to rumors, Samsung is developing a second camera-focused update for the Galaxy S23 that will launch around the middle of May.

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