Security Camera Captures Moment

Car Crashes into a Raleigh Home, Security Camera Captures Moment

On Saturday morning while they were sleeping, a car struck the home of a Raleigh family.

The family’s security camera caught the incident that happened around 4:30 am on Battle Bridge Road.

The driver is seen in the footage attempting to avoid several trees in front of the family’s home. The car strikes the house, comes to a complete stop, and a man gets out and starts rolling around on the ground.

Elisha and Matt, two homeowners, can still clearly remember hearing the crash.

“My first thought was just the children and making sure they were ok,” Elisha said.

Additionally, the excessive damage to the house is visible in the video footage.

“It is something that nobody ever thinks whatever happened to him, but you do see it on the news occasionally that cars do crash into homes,” said Matt. “But it’s not something we ever imagined happening to us.”

The incident’s cause is still being looked into by police.

The family was forced to relocate even though no one was hurt.

WRAL is trying to find out if the driver is facing any charges.

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Source: wral

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