Security Camera in OKC Catches Two Men Fail at Stealing ATM

Security Camera in OKC Catches Two Men Fail at Stealing ATM

Two men were spotted attempting to break into an ATM, and the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office is looking for them.

On the city’s southwest side, this took place at WEOKIE Federal Credit Union.

The 11-minute video demonstrates how desperate these guys were to escape.

“You can see distinct markings on the truck,” Sheriff Tommie Johnson III of Oklahoma County said. “To reach them, we’re requesting that our community use its eyes, ears, and voice.”

According to deputies, the men damaged an ATM at WEOKIE near SW 27th and South Miller, causing $34,000 in damage.

“These things are a fortified structure, usually anchored to keep them down,” Johnson said. “That is why you see these people attempting to tow it away while backing up. These are quite securely installed.”

But the thieves can’t quite pull it off.

“All the failed attempts, you can see them bicker,” Johnson said. “Even though it’s funny, we’re glad they didn’t succeed. We want to punish them as harshly as possible.”

The driver repeatedly pulls on the ATM and almost runs his companion over.

According to deputies, they leave empty-handed and probably frustrated.

Call the sheriff’s office if you know anything about these men because the investigators don’t know much about them.

These guys are broke and out of luck.

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