Security Camera Shows Dog Being Dumped

Security Camera Shows Dog Being Dumped in Scranton Neighborhood

When they discovered a dog shivering in the cold on Friday night close to Weston Field, residents of Foster Street in Scranton were perplexed.

Kim, a local, claims that her neighbor called her to the area to assist him in determining the dog’s possible origins.

“The dog was very skinny when I looked at her. I then told my neighbor that I believed she had been dumped, and together, we looked into it further.”

Kim claims that her neighbor has security cameras on his house facing the street. They were stunned after watching the video. A car is first seen pulling up and stopping in the video. Then, a woman exits the vehicle, unlocks the back door, removes the dog, and drives off after abandoning it in the middle of the road.

“It needs to stop because it keeps happening and it seems like many people have been doing it around the Weston field area. Someone just threw her out like trash.”

The animal control officer was dispatched to the scene after they called the Scranton police, according to Kim. The dog would stay the night with one of the neighbors, it was agreed. Pepper was the dog’s name.

“Because I didn’t want her to go to a shelter, if I couldn’t place her with a family, I would try to keep her. She’s too cute.”

Unlike the majority of abandoned dog stories, Pepper’s has a happier resolution. Kim’s coworker made the decision to adopt the dog. Kim claims that despite this, they still want Pepper to receive justice.

“I sincerely hope that they track down the perpetrators of this crime and send them to prison.”

Officers from animal control are still looking into this matter. Call Scranton police at 570-348-4130 if you recognize the person or dog in the video.

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