Security Cameras Up at Some Austin Parks

Security Cameras Up at Some Austin Parks

The Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) of the city reports that there are ten cameras installed at various parks throughout the city at the moment.

Crews are moving around as the department implements the pilot program.

“We get a lot of questions of is there a camera, is there not a camera, so we took this as a chance to get a little more data and see if this is something that’s helpful,” Manager of PARD’s division of natural resources, Amanda Ross, stated. “Does it actually lessen or have an impact on some of the crime against cars, vehicles, and other similar objects that we have noticed increasing, just as in any city?”

The Covert Park at Mount Bonnell, the Rainey Street neighborhood, Edward Rendon Park, and areas close to the Barton Creek Greenbelt are just a few of the locations that are a part of the pilot program. Vicky Carrasco had her car broken into in one of these locations.

“This is the first time something like this has ever happened to me,” she said. “It was shocking and incredibly disappointing.”

Carrasco claimed that while putting her backpack together for a hike, she unintentionally left her purse somewhere on the passenger side.

When she got back, “The passenger seat window was open and broken,” she said. “I started checking my phone and found numerous alerts from all of my credit cards.”

City officials told KXAN that dummy cameras were installed to help deter crime last year as we covered frequent break-ins in the Mount Bonnell parking lot, but they were later removed when the problem persisted.

New electronic signs warning of break-ins were installed at Mount Bonnell by the Austin Police Department last month.

“We want to make sure our parks are welcoming and safe and secure, and people come to them to have memories with their family and friends,” said Ross.

PARD will keep gathering information from the locations where cameras are currently installed, and will share that information with APD. Ross said that if the cameras are successful, talks about raising more money will start.

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Source: kxan

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