Sony's New Camera

Sony’s New Camera is a “baby A7S III for Vloggers”

Love vlogging and the Sony A7S III? Love the ZV line? Then you might be in luck, as Sony’s next camera has been described as a “baby A7S III for vloggers”, with an interchangeable lens mount.

Only a few weeks ago, we reported on rumors about Sony’s upcoming ZV full-frame compact, which is purportedly formatted similarly to the Sony RX100 Mark VII(opens in new tab). As is sometimes the case with very early information, these rumors turned out to be somewhat inaccurate. Instead of the camera being a compact camera, the latest information pegs this new ZV model as an interchangeable lens full-frame camera with a focus on vlogging – akin to something more like the Sony A7C(opens in new tab).

When it debuts in March, the new camera may be known as the Sony ZV-E100, which would place it squarely in Sony’s lineup of vlogging cameras rather than its hybrid Alpha series. Previous cameras in the ZV lineup have all been small and affordable, so it is intriguing to see if this is a new and more premium direction for Sony as the content creation market blows up.

Early indications suggest that the new camera would be internally based on the Sony A7S III(opens in new tab), which is Sony’s current premium video hybrid, with a premium price to match, currently costing around $3,500/£3,800/AU$4,500.

While the information provided to Sony Alpha rumors indicates that this new camera will be significantly less expensive than the A7S III, it will be interesting to see what concessions Sony has made in order to lower the price. The Sony ZV-1F(opens in new tab), another ZV camera with a vlogging-first design, would fit with its rumored absence of an EVF, which could be a very significant saving.

Additional unconfirmed details for the ZV-E100 include a 12MP sensor for still photos and 4K 60p or 4K 120p video capabilities, which would turn this camera into a powerhouse in the field of content creation.

The only thing that raises doubt about this rumor is that a potential ZV-E100 camera resembles the most recent model of Sony’s small E-Mount professional cinema cameras, the FX3 (opens in new tab). Most vloggers still cannot afford it because it is priced similarly to the Sony A7S III.

However, if the camera’s alleged specifications are accurate, that will be a crucial factor in how Sony differentiates the ZV-E100 and FX3; otherwise, a less expensive ZV-E100 with the same internal specs is the obvious choice.

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Source: digitalcameraworld

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