Non-Disposable Digital Disposable Camera

Start-Up Develops ‘Non-Disposable Digital Disposable Camera’

A tech start-up has developed a “non-disposable digital disposable camera” to bring some of the romance of film photography to the modern world.

The ONE35, created by tech start-up Flashback, is a camera that brings back the tactile aspects of analog photography without the plastic waste associated with single-use cameras or the rising cost of film.

The Flashback ONE35 has many of the classic components of a disposable camera, including a mechanical winder, a shutter release, a powerful flash powered by Xenon, and a straightforward fixed-focus mode.

However, the main distinction with this disposable camera is that each roll of 27 photos, which takes 24 hours to develop, is wirelessly transferred to an app on a user’s phone.

The Flashback ONE35 camera can use a variety of film types that are modeled after vintage film stocks thanks to the mobile app. These were developed with a close eye on the chemical reality of photographic film, just like Fujifilm’s well-known film simulations.

As of today (May 30), the tech start-up has started a Kickstarter campaign for the Flashback ONE35. For the first time, the general public will have access to the camera.”

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Source: petapixel

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