Surveillance Camera Footage Shows a Mobile Gas Station Shooting Unfold

Surveillance Camera Footage Shows a Mobile Gas Station Shooting Unfold

After a drive-by shooting at Clark’s Gas Station on Moffett Road, compelling new security camera footage shows the moment a bystander fled for his life. Police are trying to identify a suspect using the video.

The suspect was captured on camera entering the shop to make a few purchases.

The suspect, who travels in a maroon SUV, then made their way outside, where a different angle of the camera captured them conversing with a person who is believed to be driving a white car before they both leave the scene together.

Several minutes later, the suspect returned to the scene and opened fire from his vehicle at a man who was pumping gas at the passenger side door of a white car. The same white car that accompanied the suspect when he first left the parking lot was seen following him on camera.

Although the victim’s car was damaged, no one was hurt in this shooting, according to the police.

According to police, there is still work being done on this case, so anyone with information is urged to contact the Mobile Police Department at 251-208-7211.

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