Huawei P60 Pro's Camera

The Huawei P60 Pro’s Camera Just Helped Me See in the Dark

After a turbulent few years, Huawei’s latest flagship smartphone, which is incredibly impressive, has a camera that is even more of a focus. Before it was released in Europe, I had the chance to test out the Huawei P60 Pro, and I believe it will have one of the best cameras available. There are some outstanding camera features in this phone that are worth highlighting, even though it may not be the most practical phone for everyone.

The P60 Pro was first revealed in China in March this year, and it’s coming to European markets, including the UK, starting today. Though it probably won’t be much use even if you import the device, don’t expect this to be a phone you can easily buy in the US. The phone goes on sale today for £1200, which is roughly $1,500, where I currently reside in the UK.

Huawei P60 Pro Camera Hardware

Huawei let me try out the P60 Pro for a day before the handset’s launch, and throughout this article, you’ll see some of the key highlights of the camera. A 48MP wide-angle camera with a variable aperture of f/1.4 to f/4.0 is the first of the P60 Pro’s three rear cameras. This is the large camera that dominates the image below. It has optical image stabilization, and you’ll use it for the majority of your photography with the P60 Pro.

The telephoto lens is the next option. Another 48MP camera, this time Huawei goes with an f/2.1 aperture and gives us up to 3.5x optical zoom. There’s also a 13MP f/2.2 ultrawide camera, which I found helpful when I wanted to expand the scene and get more stuff in my shots, but this one just isn’t as remarkable as the telephoto, so I played around with it less during my time with the phone.

Low-light Performance

The first pictures were taken in a nearly dark environment. Around 20 feet away from my subject, a small amount of light entered the room through the doorway, but it was difficult for my eyes to distinguish the distinct items on the table. Nevertheless, this night mode succeeded, and what Huawei’s camera was able to capture was truly amazing. Although the photographs below resemble flash photography, they actually capture ambient light from the environment.

You can still clearly see what’s happening in these pictures, even though they aren’t winning any awards. You wouldn’t expect anything nearly this good from shooting in almost complete darkness. The Ultra Lighting Camera is a feature that absolutely astounded me with how well it could function in such low light. This is made possible by a combination of the phone’s physically adjustable auto-aperture and a sensor called RYYB SuperSensing, which according to Huawei, lets in significantly more light than conventional sensors.

Aside from the obvious question of whether it will be useful in your daily life, this is one of the extra features that together make your phone’s camera such a well-rounded one. This is the kind of feature that you might only find useful in a particular situation, so it’s unlikely that you’ll ever find a need for it. The telephoto camera is used for the final shot at a zoom of 3.5x, and it is equipped with a function known as an Ultra Lighting Telephoto Camera. It is noticeably grainier than the telephoto camera’s performance in well-lit conditions, but it is still better than the zoom shots you would get from most smartphones.

Here’s one more nighttime photo, and even though this scene isn’t quite as difficult as the previous few shots in terms of total darkness, I think it still captures the capabilities of Huawei’s camera in low-light situations quite well.

A Lens for Every Situation

The telephoto camera, on the whole, is excellent on the P60 Pro and can compete with the likes of the S23 Ultra. Take a look at the hair surrounding the giraffe’s mouth in the following images, which were taken using the 3.5x optical zoom, to see the level of detail this camera is able to capture.

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