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This Lensless Camera Might Be the Strangest AI Tool Yet

Over the past few months, we’ve witnessed a wide variety of bizarre and wonderful applications of AI, from expanded album covers to deeply convincing deepfakes. The newest invention, however, might be the strangest (and possibly the most impressive) so far.

Right, we all understand how a camera operates. The way a camera works is that light enters the device and strikes either a frame of film or a digital sensor. But location data is the new light in the case of Paragraphica, a new AI-powered “camera.”

Paragraphica, a creation of Bjørn Karmann, has no lens at all. Instead, it “uses location data and artificial intelligence to visualize a “photo” of a specific place and moment. Both a physical prototype of the camera and a virtual version that you can use both exist.”

By pressing the trigger, the camera will produce a scintigraphic representation of the viewfinder’s real-time description of your current location on the “camera” itself. Similar to how a conventional camera is operated, three physical dials allow you to adjust the data and AI parameters to affect how the picture appears.

So, from a hardware standpoint, there isn’t really a need for this thing to resemble a camera at all. The retro handheld design is amusing, if not a little eerie, even though the bright red satellite used as the lens couldn’t be any more futuristic. But anything is possible—this week, we even saw a video game console that resembled a chicken nugget.

The comments online fluctuate between “this is amazing” and “why?” as you might anticipate.’. Perhaps it is counterproductive that Paragraphica appears to suggest it can replace a camera by having a similar appearance. But in subsequent tweets, Karmann shares, “this is a passion art project, with no intention of making a product or challenging photography. Instead, it raises concerns about AI’s place in an era of creative conflict.”

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Source: creativebloq

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