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Tiktok Is Bringing Back The “00s Digital Camera

Another technology from the 2000s is reappearing, and for good reason.

This Halloween, in the midst of Wordle-inspired costumes and general mayhem, something stood out to me: my friend Temujin is holding a point-and-shoot digital camera, the type that ruled the 2000s before smartphone cameras took over. He explains that he was using his mother’s camera, but that he has since claimed it as his own. Throughout the night, we turned to the silver Canon IXUS 177, eliciting reactions that all sat on the plane of appreciation: “That’s such a good idea,” was the overwhelming consensus.

“All of my childhood memorabilia was taken on a digital and so they hold a real nostalgic principle to me,” I learn this from Temujin, a student studying fashion communications. “I observed an increase in social media users honoring the digital camera last year.”

The digital compact camera is indeed facing a distinctive revival, and not only because Instagram-savvy celebrities like Bella Hadid, Charlie D’Amelio, Nicola Peltz Beckham

Digital cameras are a topic that has hundreds of videos and millions of views. On the app, the term “digital camera trend” has 137.3 million views; “vintage digital camera” has 177.3 million views while “cheap digital camera” has 26.5 million views. With 128.1 million uses so far, the hashtag #digitalcamera

Videos listed under the topic show how these cameras are used and show how the style is attractive. TikTok user @haileyhuynhh posted a video of her pink Canon Powershot SD1200 writing in the caption, “i need to start taking more pictures on this omg”. A video of the images she took with an old Sony digital camera was posted by lifestyle influencer @mia.dson. The account @digicamgirl_ is dedicated to “old digicams”, where a range of vintage camera finds are posted; in one video, the user wrote, “this trend tho!”.

Others post “this is your sign to buy a cheap digital camera” videos, like user @ericamanzoli, who captioned her post “Digital>>” and shared a digital album of vacation pictures, complete with orange timestamps that unlock memories of another era in technology. The online marketplaces eBay, Amazon, and others are frequently mentioned in videos that assist other TikTok users in finding such cameras, especially for models that are no longer manufactured. On eBay, it appears hardly any device exceeds $20, likely why TikTok champions such cameras as “cheap” and easy, while Amazon offers slightly more expensive options that are clearly new. These TikToks frequently have an aesthetic similar to that of digital cameras: they are muted, grainy, and retro.

Digicams were lost in our collective cultural consciousness somewhere along the analog, digital, and smartphone spectrum. With accounts like on Instagram shifting newfound focus on the camera, the compact digital camera attracted attention once more in 2018. The fascination with film and Polaroid cameras, however, has overtaken the use of digital cameras in recent years, and both millennials and Gen-Z would agree that this is the case.

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Source: Mashable

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