Transform Your Old iPhone into a Security Camera

Transform Your Old iPhone into a Security Camera With These 6 Apps

Install one of these security camera apps on your outdated iPhone instead of discarding it or stashing it away in a drawer to keep an eye on your house.

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Your iPhone is still functional even if it is a little out of date. Your old iPhone can be used as a security camera instead of being stored in a drawer. Your financial savings from not purchasing security equipment will help.

There are many apps that can turn your outdated iPhone into a fully functional security camera, but picking the best one can be challenging. Which app best meets your needs can be determined by reading on.

How to Set Up An IPhone as a Security Camera

You need to understand how to set up your old phone as a security camera before we get to the list of apps. The ideal location for your security camera must first be determined. It might be the door to your house, the room where you keep all your valuables and important papers, or the garage where you keep an eye on your car.

Once you’ve located the ideal location, be sure to set up the iPhone so that you can monitor as much of the surrounding area as you can. If you want 24-hour monitoring, you’ll need to plug in your old iPhone for battery, so make sure it’s close to a power source as well. Consider purchasing an extended version of one of the best Lightning cables if the power outlet is far from where you want to put the camera.

Now that you have both your current and older iPhones, it’s time to install a security camera app on them for monitoring.

1. Alfred

Your old iPhone can serve as a security camera thanks to Alfred, a well-designed app. Two phones can have the app installed; one is used to configure the camera, and the other is used to operate it and view the video.

Alfred includes two-way communication, motion detection, a low-light filter, and a siren feature in addition to surveillance. Moreover, you can give your family members or friends access to the surveillance by adding to the Trust Circle feature when necessary.

With HD video, no ads, more cloud storage, multiple cameras, and longer capture intervals, Alfred’s Premium monthly subscription, which costs $3.99 per month, is the most expensive option.

2. Manything

You can use your main device to view the footage by turning an old iPhone into a Wi-Fi-connected security camera with Manything. Manything has its own IFTTT channel that enables you to connect it to web services and other connected devices in addition to enabling you to turn your phone into a security camera.

You could, for instance, program your home’s smart lights to turn on when the app detects movement. To make it appear as though you are home if someone tries to break in, your phone works as a security camera and a switch for smart devices.

One camera’s 30-day cloud recording is included in the monthly Manything plan, which costs $5.99.

3. AtHome Camera

Perhaps the best free security camera app on the list is AtHome. Install the AtHome Camera Pro: Monitor app on your current device and the AtHome Video Streamer DIY CCTV app on your old iPhone to use its features.

As opposed to other apps’ use of shadows or light to detect motion, it uses cutting-edge AI and deep learning technology. It additionally uses face recognition to differentiate between a member of your family and an intruder. The app has a Night Vision mode for surveillance in low-lighting conditions.

Using the microphone and speakers built into your iPhone, AtHome also offers two-way communication. With HD video, no ads, more cloud storage, and multiple cameras available, the AtHome Camera Pro app’s premium monthly subscription costs $9.99.

4. Camy

The amazing Camy app transforms your outdated iPhone into a live-stream video surveillance system. It offers motion detection, night mode, video recording, and high-quality video streaming.

The capability of Camy to zoom in and take screenshots is one of its best features. In addition to your primary phone, you can view the live video stream remotely on any device by using a browser.

With the $3.99/month Campy Premium subscription, you can add an unlimited number of zones and grant access to family members. Automatically recording videos to the cloud is another perk of the premium membership.

5. Cloud Baby Monitor

The most innovative and functional app on the list is Cloud Baby Monitor. This adaptable app can serve as a baby monitor or a home security camera. Regardless of where you are, the app can send motion and noise detection alerts directly to your wrist because it is Apple Watch compatible.

To put your child to sleep, Cloud Baby Monitor can also play lullabies and white noise. CloudBaby Monitor offers a Bluetooth option in addition to Wi-Fi and cellular networks for service. In places where cellular coverage is spotty, you can use Bluetooth. If you want to check on your baby’s well-being at night, it also has night vision capabilities.

6. Presence Video Security Camera

A clear video feed is provided by the simple-to-use app presence. Presence offers two-way video and voice chat as well as remote video monitoring, similar to other security camera apps on the list. Additionally, it has motion detection and sends you a notification with photos and videos when something is amiss.

The premium subscription to the Presence app costs $4.99 per month and offers 5GB encrypted cloud storage, longer video recording duration, a camera alarm, and access to priority customer support.

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Keep Your Home Safe With Security Camera Apps

You can save money and have better portability by using an old iPhone as a security camera rather than purchasing a separate security camera. To use your old iPhone as a temporary camera in any circumstance, you can remove it and put it somewhere else.

It allows you to watch over your children while they are playing outside or by the pool. You can use it to keep an eye on your child if you’re visiting a friend and want to put them down for a nap in the guest room.

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