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West Fargo Launches Security Camera Registration Program to Help Solve Crimes

The West Fargo Police Department has started a voluntary security camera registration program. WEST FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) People in the neighborhood and owners of businesses who have security cameras, video doorbells, and comparable systems can register to notify the police department that they have a private surveillance system.

The police department is hoping that people will sign up because the video might be useful to officers looking into local criminal activity. In order to keep crime rates in the city low, according to Chief Denis Otterness, they are turning to the neighborhood.

“This new program informs our officers that your property has a security camera with recordings residents may be willing to share to assist in solving a crime,” said Det. Denis Otterness

Officers from the West Fargo Police Department may get in touch with the owner of a registered security camera system if a crime is committed close to their home and ask to see any recorded footage. Participants who have signed up for the program can choose whenever to share their video with the police or not.

Enrollment in this program does not give the West Fargo Police Department direct access to or control over any privately owned security or camera systems. The West Fargo Police Department website makes it simple for people to register their security cameras.

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Source: valleynewslive.com

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