Hidden Camera While Traveling

What to Do If You Find a Hidden Camera While Traveling

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When Saja Rafaeil first noticed shadows inside a bathroom stallon She gave the Meraviglia ship from MSC Cruises no thought. She got up one night as she and her husband were lounging in a lounge onboard a sailing that stopped in Mexico and the Bahamas to use the restroom.

“I tried to ignore (the shadows),” she said. Then she noticed a hand reaching downward and upward while holding a cellphone. “I then started to freak out a little bit at that point.”

Due to the seriousness of the situation, Saja asked to only be referred to by her first and middle names. Saja informed a crew member outside the restroom, who then entered and knocked on the stall door with a fellow passenger she had just met. Saja started recording on her phone as well so she could have documentation, and she uploaded the video to TikTok. A male crew member emerged when the door opened.

Saja is one of many travelers who claim they were filmed or spied on while traveling, either by a covert perpetrator or using a hidden camera in their lodgings.

“We are aware of the incident on board MSC Meraviglia and our security team fully cooperated with authorities on this investigation,” an In a statement sent via email, the MSC spokespe.

rson said. “We acted right away to fire the offending crew member and provide assistance to the affected visitors. Our top priority is ensuring the safety and comfort of both our passengers and crew, and we have a zero-tolerance policy for any inappropriate behavior on board our ships.”

Saja reported the incident to both MSC and the Florida’s Brevard County Sheriff’s Office. The draft report has not been finalized, according to a sheriff’s office spokesperson who stated this in an email.

“The suspect did not admit to filming the victim and a search of the suspect’s phone did not locate any video or photos of the victim,” the spokesperson added.

According to Michael Winkleman, a maritime attorney with Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman, P.A., cruise ships are subject to the laws of the country in which the vessel is registered.

“More often than not, these foreign countries have invasion of privacy laws that are similar to the US.,” he said in an email. “The use of covert cameras on cruise ships is thus also prohibited.”

Does Airbnb Allow Cameras on Rental Properties?

Airbnb allows cameras to offer “peace of mind” for security, but they must be disclosed prior to booking, installed in a visible manner and not infringe on anyone’s privacy.

Cameras are allowed only in “public spaces and common spaces,” not including a living room that has a sofa bed, according to the community rules of Airbnb. However, “disconnected devices are allowed as long as they are turned off and proactively disclosed to guests.”

Fellow rental platform Vrbo allows “reasonable monitoring outside of the property” and bans any surveillance devices inside.

What Happens If You Encounter a Camera at Your Rental?

Alyssa Casamento reserved an Airbnb in Poughkeepsie, New York, last year for a trip with her college friends. She said the reviews for the rental were good, although once booked, “things were just very odd from the start.”

The door code Casamento had been given didn’t work when her friend arrived at the Airbnb first. According to Casamento, a man abruptly began speaking to her over the camera doorbell and provided a different code.

As soon as her friend entered the house, the host began texting her friend to remove her shoes.

“The specificity of sneakers is a red flag,” Casamento said. “That just gave me chills.”

Her friend walked around the rental and saw a camera in the corner of a bedroom facing directly at the bed. She started to search for more cameras and found one “very conveniently placed” behind a curtain in the living room facing the couches.

“I said, “You need to leave,” as soon as I heard that. She’s there by herself, I’m obviously terrified for her,” Casamento said. The group ended up booking a different hotel, and Casamento called the incident “very unsettling.”

Due to the listing’s disclosure of cameras, Casamento claimed she initially had her complaint dismissed by Airbnb.

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