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11 Best Spy Camera With Longest Battery Life in 2022

If you want to keep a secret watch on your property to tackle any potential threat, then you’ll need to install a reliable spy camera with a long enough battery life. I’ve chosen the top spy camera options in this article.

The best spy camera with longest battery life is meant to be your reliable security measure for home and office. Keep a close eye on your property and address any potential threats.

From the extensive hidden camera market, we have selected a few of the best options. While others will give you a lot of customization options, some will only require one click to operate. Look through them to see which one meets your needs.

Best Spy Camera With Longest Battery Life

  • 1. Blink Indoor – Wireless, HD security camera with two-year battery life
  • 2. Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera
  • 3. Alpha Tech Spy Camera Wireless Hidden WiFi Camera With Remote View
  • 4. ALIWESTCOM Spy Camera Without WiFi
  • 5. Relohas Hidden Camera With Live Feed WiFi
  • 6. AREBI – Best Wireless Spy Camera With Long Battery Life
  • 7. Blink outdoor –Wireless, Weather Resistant HD Camera
  • 8. FUVISION Micro Camera With Motion Detect
  • 9. Sirgawain Mini Spy Camera with Night Vision and Motion Detection
  • 10. SIRGAWAIN – Spy Pen Camera With Long Battery Life
  • 11. 11. Lawmate PV-RC10FHD TV Remote Control 1080P HD Covert Hidden Camera Recorder DVR

Best Spy Camera With Long Battery Life Reviews

Below are our top picks for your reference.

1. Blink Indoor – Wireless, HD Security Camera With Two-year Battery Life

Blink Indoor

For a full 1080p HD view, blink while the spy camera is recording. When it’s dark out, the infrared night vision is turned on. You get a more genuine feeling on board thanks to the fact that it functions with a two-way audio system. At any time, keep an eye on your family members and pets.

The spy camera’s additional trouble-free security layer is added by motion detection. When you begin to receive the unwanted alert repeatedly, however, things may start to go in the other direction. To ignore these incidents, Blink has introduced a customization feature. Additionally, the app allows you to easily set your privacy zone.

Anyone with a basic understanding of technology can take charge of the blink cam setup task. The package contains every component needed for installation. Installing the wire-free security camera only requires that you follow a few easy steps. You can either put it on a desk or hang it on the wall.


  • There are two years of battery life on the Blink indoor camera.
  • A voice command can be used to operate the camera.
  • It has both local and cloud storage.
  • It is possible to adjust the motion sensor alert system accordingly.


  • The spy camera does not guarantee a constant live-feed function.

2. Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera

Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera

Are you planning to purchase a mini spy camera with a long battery life because you live in a difficult situation? The Arlo spy camera is made to keep recording even when it’s raining, cold, or hot. Even on the hottest day or the coldest night, they can continue to function thanks to the sturdy body with a dome design.

The 48-hour recording camera will give you a clear view in dim light when used with the color night vision. Additionally, it has a built-in spotlight at the top of the camera that can be used to get a brighter view. Even on the darkest night, you will be able to see more details from where you are standing.

For the notification alert system, an AI motion sensor is utilized. In front of your house, it can identify people, packages, cars, or animals. To sound the security siren, all you need to do is tap your phone. In the event that your loved ones are threatened, take the appropriate action to keep them secure.


  • The Arlo spy camera works with Google, Apple, and Amazon devices.
  • Fast and simple installation is provided by wire-free cam.
  • A 130-degree wide angle is available.
  • 2-way audio functions allow you to speak with the intruder directly.


  • Not very helpful when you need it, the Arlo helpline.

3. Alpha Tech Spy Camera Wireless Hidden WiFi Camera With Remote View

The wifi camera resembles a phone charger. It is indistinguishable from a typical charger. A spy camera that blends in well with its surroundings and has a long battery life will be difficult to spot. Ability to record live video at any time and from any location.

Two different apps, TuyaSmart and Smart Life, can be used to install the Alpha Tech spy camera 24 hours battery and more. Install any of it, then connect the gadget to a power source. Wi-Fi it in and finish the straightforward setup. Using the app, all of the features can be controlled at once.

The sophisticated sensor never misses even the smallest movement in your vicinity. You’ll receive a timely notification. To preserve the information for use as proof, you can take a screenshot of your screen. From any location, you can use your smartphone to watch the live video feed.


  • Small and compact is how Alpha Tech describes the spy camera.
  • Unauthorized access is avoided by secure protocol.
  • For a better view, live feed has a zooming feature.
  • The camera has a one-week continuous recording capacity.


  • The view can occasionally be obscured by a cord from another device.

4. ALIWESTCOM Spy Camera Without WiFi

The home security camera Sirgawain is made for installation in tight spaces. Even drones can deploy it because of its lightweight construction. For safety reasons, you can adhere to the housekeeper’s or staff’s standard operating procedure. They won’t be able to see it because of its small size, which will reveal their true nature. Additionally, it doubles as a long-lasting mini spy camera for personal security. It will always remain out of sight and never catch the eye.

The spy camera serves more purposes than just daytime surveillance and personal safety. Additionally, it is applicable to nighttime espionage operations. The night vision camera uses six indiscernible LEDs, which it uses in the dark to detect movement around a 16-inch margin. With this feature, a new door is unlocked for you, and your home is constantly protected. Your needs will be met by the 1080p HD videos captured by 12MP cameras.

Motion detection is a key component of Sirgawain’s best spy camera with long battery life. It has an internal sensor that can detect any movement around it. When using the spy camera will affect the detection range. For nighttime uses, you will undoubtedly have a smaller depth range. When used frequently, it can greatly benefit you.

There is a built-in battery with the Sirgawain spy camera. The expert surveillance device has a minimum continuous operating time of one hour. The motion activation clicks can also be used for longer periods of time than usual. The charging process is also relatively hassle-free, and the package includes all the necessary components.


  • Sirgawain is a simple-to-use spy camera.
  • If you are in charge, you can carry a spy defense at all times.
  • With the aid of a fastening clip attachment, the spy camera allows for 360-degree rotations.
  • The camera is difficult to detect at night and during the day due to its compact design.


  • 32 There is no GB compatible micro SD in the package.
  • No more than 16 inches may be used for night vision spy security.

5. Relohas Hidden Camera With Live Feed WiFi

The mobile spy camera has a dedicated app control system and can record for hours. Install their app from the app store on your gadget. It is available through both the Apple and Google Play stores. Get access to your recorded videos by opening the app. Never miss an unusual movement at your location from anywhere in the world.

Four distinct video recording features are available on the spy camera. 24 loop recordings are supposed to be made while the recording is in full-time mode. When the memory is full, the recording will continue and all videos will be overwritten. The timed recording mode uses a predetermined time frame. Additionally available is a power-saving motion detection mode. The phone recording mode is the best mode. With just one tap on the app, you can start/stop recording.

It is covered in invisibility-enhancing lamp beads. It will be difficult to determine even with keen eyes. The 720p resolution is used for the night vision videos. Despite poor lighting, never miss an update. Videos and images that are clear and crisp are continuously delivered.


  • The covert camera used by Relohas is small and has a 140-degree wide-angle lens.
  • The wireless covert camera can be installed anywhere and has a long battery life.
  • With it, you could record something on loop for 24 hours.
  • Depending on your needs, configuration is easy.


  • The battery’s remaining capacity cannot be seen on it.

6. AREBI – Best Wireless Spy Camera With Long Battery Life

When it comes to spying network services for both your and others’ personal security, AREBI is a well-known brand. The 8c pro wireless spy camera features the most recent AREBI chip and battery technology. On your spy camera, it enables 100 days of uninterrupted sleep. In addition, a 100-day low-power consumption mode is available for home security. Few brands will be able to offer this kind of prolonged battery life.

A motion sensor is mounted on the spy camera by AREBI 4K UHD. The application is directly connected to the running sensor to enable alert functionality. You can turn it on so that you’ll be alerted whenever there is movement in your house or workplace. Additionally, a picture of the situation will be saved to your storage so that you can see it clearly.

For better photos and images, AREBI has upgraded to a full HD 4K resolution. Additionally, the angle of the cover is round-up for 160 degrees, which is higher than usual. Even in complete darkness, an infrared 920 nm night vision camera can capture an image clearly. The camera’s maximum nighttime depth is 30 feet.


  • With the help of the App, AREBI is easily managed from a distance.
  • It is simple to install thanks to Place, Connect, and Play.
  • Compared to the tip of your finger, it is not particularly big.
  • AREBI 8c Pro unveils an original playback feature.


  • Only MKV is available for video saving; other common formats are not supported.
  • The package comes with a microSD card.

7. Blink Outdoor –Wireless, Weather Resistant HD Camera

The best battery-powered wireless outdoor security camera is capable of operating in challenging circumstances. It is dedicated to giving you an HD view of the outside. You can keep using the 24/7 surveillance function thanks to the infrared light night vision.

The spy camera gives you powerful surveillance capabilities under harsh conditions. Even in a lot of rain, keep an eye on outdoor activity. A motion sensor will ensure that nothing is hidden from your field of vision. For home security, it is always preferable to have constant surveillance capabilities.

Your smartphone’s app store is where you can download the blink app. After that, put the AA batteries in and plug the sync module in. It will not work without an internet connection. After that, create a blink account using your email address. You are prepared to operate the covert outdoor camera.


  • There is a motion detection sensor on the Blink outdoor spy camera.
  • You can be more interactive with two-way audio features.
  • IR night vision is available.
  • The spy camera has a 110-degree diagonal field of view.


  • For just 10 seconds, you can watch live video continuously.

8. FUVISION Micro Camera With Motion Detect

FUVISION Micro Camera With Motion Detect

The best spy camera by Fuvision has a 24-hour recording feature. To get rid of the previous recording and keep adding new ones, it employs the loop function. In accordance with your needs, choose a resolution between 1080p and 720p. Both the resolution and the 30 frames per second ensure clear pictures and videos.

Small cameras that fit in your pocket seem to be used frequently for surveillance. It’s exactly the same size as an AAA battery. The device is less than an inch long and weighs no more than 0.56 oz overall. Nowhere else will you find a better mini-camera deal.

Utilizing a Mac or Windows device, you can watch the recorded videos. Download a video player for Windows or Mac and plug in the spy camera. Since it records in AVI format, the VLC player is advised. The application seems to run smoothly on Windows versions higher than 7.


  • It is simple to hide in various locations thanks to the compact design.
  • You have a hand-free recording option thanks to the clip attachment on the back.
  • Managing and using it is simple.
  • The continuous recording feature is unlocked by the old video overwrite feature.


  • It struggles to record in low light.

9. Sirgawain Mini Spy Camera With Night Vision and Motion Detection

The home security camera Sirgawain is made for installation in tight spaces. Due to its lightweight construction, drones can be used to deploy it. For safety reasons, you can adhere to the housekeeper’s or staff’s standard operating procedure. Because of its diminutive size, it won’t be visible to them, giving you a better understanding of them. Additionally, it has a long battery life and can be used as a personal security mini spy camera. It will never catch the eye and will always remain hidden.

The spy camera is not only for daytime surveillance and daytime protection. It can also be used for covert operations at night. The night vision camera can easily detect movement within a 16-inch margin and operates in the dark with 6 invisible LEDs. This feature allows you to enter a new door and offers continuous home security. Your needs will be met by the 1080p HD videos captured by 12MP cameras.

Motion detection is a crucial addition to the best spy camera from Sirgawain with a long battery life. It has an internal sensor that can detect any movement around it. Depending on how you are using the spy camera will determine the detection range. For nighttime uses, your depth range will undoubtedly be smaller. When used frequently, it can greatly benefit you.

The Sirgawain covert camera has a built-in battery. The expert surveillance device can operate continuously for at least an hour. The motion activation clicks can also be used longer than usual. The charging process is also relatively simple, and the package includes all the necessary components.


  • An easy-to-use spy camera is Sirgawain.
  • While in charge, you can carry a 24/7 spy defense.
  • The spy camera has a fastening clip attachment that enables 360-degree rotations.
  • The camera is difficult to spot both day and night because of its small size.


  • 32 The package does not contain a GB compatible micro SD.
  • There is a 16-inch maximum for night vision spy security.

10. SIRGAWAIN – Spy Pen Camera With Long Battery Life

The SIRGAWAIN pen spy camera is intended to fool people by looking like a pen. Simply grab the small tab on the pen’s top, and it will begin recording. In addition, you can write on it, which makes it more difficult to identify as a camera. For digital uses, the 1080p capture is still adequate.

You can put the SIRGAWAIN spy pen camera in your pocket with ease. It has a long-lasting battery. Its width and depth are both only 3 inches. Since you can also use it as a pen, the height won’t be an issue. Therefore, the 5 inch height is nothing more than an image of a writing pen.

Using a lithium-based battery is what the spy camera has done. For an additional hour and ten minutes, it can shoot. Additionally, it can extend its working life simply by replacing the outdated stored contents. Additionally, the recharge time is not very long and the device can be used with MAC and other PC devices.


  • Your personal SIRGAWAIN spy camera is a 2-in-1 device.
  • You will also receive a few writing ink cartridges in addition to other camera accessories.
  • It is simple to connect to devices for a backup or quick recap.
  • Additionally, installation and management are simple.


  • It can sometimes be simple to identify as a spy pen because of a small activation indicator.
  • Nighttime images are not of the highest caliber.

11. Lawmate PV-RC10FHD TV Remote Control 1080P HD Covert Hidden Camera Recorder DVR

The product is powered by a single lithium battery that is included with it; despite the way it is constructed, this battery has a useful life of 8 days on a single charge. You can watch what is happening in your living room or wherever you place it thanks to the full HD 1080p camera that is equipped with it.

It is really a great option for watching a living room. In order to only record significant or suspicious events, there is a motion sensor inside. The largest SB Card the camera will accept is 32 GB. You can determine when the scene took place because the camera records the time and date on the files.


  • Unremarkable spy camera
  • The best option for living room surveillance
  • HD quality video
  • Easy to use
  • Innovative idea


  • Low angle view
  • Minimal space (maximum 32 GB)

Different Types of Spy Cams

There are three main types of spy cams:

Battery-powered Hidden Cam

The most typical kind of spy camera is this one. It is battery-powered and doesn’t have any other visible cords or wires. This is the best choice if you want to secretly record video because there aren’t any additional wires attached to it, which could raise suspicion from others.

These kinds of covert cameras come in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes, including keychain cameras (AREBI Spy Camera), lipstick cameras, pen cameras, button cameras, and others; they all appear to be common household items so that they won’t be noticed when placed in their designated locations (such as under a table). There are also wireless versions available for sale if you don’t have an electrical outlet nearby at where you intend to place

Corded Spy Cam: Hidden Home Security Cameras

These cameras are wired to an electrical outlet. For long-term monitoring and recording, it is convenient that they don’t require replacing batteries. However there can be problems with these types of hidden cams:

1. Because it hangs out the front of the camera (i.e., under your table), the power cord can be seen from a distance. If someone sees this dangling cable sticking out from underneath something, it will be obvious to them what you have placed in your home or office; 2. Care must be taken around cords even though they are harder to see than those found attached to battery-powered spy cameras because they can still cause accidents when tripped over, just like any other electrical appliance.

Wearable Spy Cam

The smallest cameras available today, these can be worn anywhere (for example, as a pair of earrings, a necklace, or a bracelet). If worn close to other people, they wouldn’t be noticed because they don’t look like cameras.

One drawback of these spy cameras is that you can’t use them covertly up close because you have to be physically in your line of sight to see what it records on its LCD screen. Potential buyers should exercise extra caution before purchasing such hidden security devices simply because of how small they have become because the majority of wearable spy cam models come with this small display feature built-in, which could lead some people to believe that they are ordinary smartwatches or activity trackers when seen by others right next to their skin. Also keep in mind that, depending on the features that are turned on, the batteries of such hidden cameras can only last a few hours or less.

Most wearable spy camera models have rechargeable batteries, but some also have replaceable ones, like this Arlo Ultra, which has an internal battery that lasts up to six months. When not in use, turning off Wi-Fi and sound notifications is the best way to increase its operating time.

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Buying Guide for Spy Camera

Here are a few crucial points to remember.

Shape and Size of the Spy Camera With Longest Battery Life

Before making a purchase, it’s crucial to think carefully about the size and shape of a spy camera. While some cameras are very small and covert, others are bigger and more obvious. It’s crucial to choose a spy camera with a long battery life if you’re looking for one that runs on batteries.

Video Resolution

The video resolution should be taken into account when choosing a hidden security camera. A few cameras offer higher or lower resolutions, but the majority record in HD.

Body Detection Sensor in the Spy Camera

An essential component to look for in a covert security camera is a body detection sensor. When it detects motion, this sensor will begin recording, enabling you to record intruders on camera.

Night Vision

The best spy camera to choose should have infrared night vision if you intend to use it at night. By doing so, you’ll be able to see clearly in the dark and record footage of trespassers.

Battery Runtime

Before making a purchase, it’s crucial to think about the spy camera’s battery life. While some cameras have limited battery life, others can operate for several hours or even several days on a single charge.

It’s crucial to take into account each of these aspects when looking for a hidden security camera. The seven cameras listed in this buyer’s guide are among the top choices available at the moment. As a result, whether you’re looking for a small, covert camera or a high-end wireless option, this page is sure to have something for you.

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How Long Does a Spy Camera Battery Last?

The camera’s integrated battery allows up to 10 hours of continuous recording or monitoring per charge. However, you can extend this to up to 4 months by utilizing the scheduled recording function in conjunction with the low power vibration detection mode!

Is There a Security Camera That Works Without Electricity?

When you search for security cameras to monitor your properties without electricity, battery powered security cameras are definitely the only solution to “no power” issue. Both batteries and solar panels can be used to power battery-operated security cameras.

Which Battery Has the Longest Battery Life?

Lithium-ion batteries. The battery management, extremely low self-discharge, lack of memory effect, and a discharge of up to 20% are a few examples of factors that contribute to their extremely long lifespan.

Final Word

These selections are based on my personal experience; if you have any questions, please leave a comment.

Make a note of your requirements and negotiate the best deal for you. We constantly keep an eye on your needs and work to provide value in line with them. Please let us know if our publication has been helpful to you in any way. Please return soon for more information and thank you.

Start monitoring your office and home to ensure your safety.

Thanks for reading! If you want to learn more about cameras, read our post on best camera under $300.

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