How to Clean Glasses Between the Lenses and Frames

How to Clean Glasses Between the Lenses and Frames

Do you wear glasses? We’re sure you understand how annoying it can be when you have dirt or grease on your lenses. In addition to being annoying, it can cause headaches and eyestrain. Have you heard that keeping your glasses clean is one of the best ways to keep them durable? Knowing how to clean glasses between the lens and frame is critical to extending your investment.

Let’s explore some of the best eyeglass cleaners, as well as the steps necessary to wash your new glasses.

How To Clean Glasses Lenses

Before doing anything, the first thing to clean is the glass lens. To do this, you can follow these steps:

  • First, use a microfiber towel to clean the dirt from your hands.
  • Next, rinse the lens with warm water (tap water is fine) to remove dust. Avoid using hot water as it can damage some eyeglass lens coatings.
  • After that, put a drop of dish soap on each lens. Make sure there is no lotion. Gently rub the front and back of the lens for a few minutes. Make sure to discard all dust, waste, and skin oils.
  • Rinse the lenses to remove soap and make them smudge-free. When done, shake the glasses to remove moisture from the lenses.
  • Dry the lenses with a lint-free towel. Also, check for streaks. If you see smudges, use the towel again. For final touches, you can check cleanliness with a visual test.

How To Clean Glasses Frames

Many people neglect to clean their frames when organizing their glasses. But it is necessary to keep it away from sweat and grease. Therefore, you can use the following methods to clean your glasses.

  • Run the frame under lukewarm water to moisten it.
  • Next, put a few drops of soap on your hands. Rub it on your hands to form a lather.
  • Wipe the frame with a soapy finger. Make sure to clean the edges that come into contact with the lens.
  • Pour in warm water to remove soap. Dry the frame with a towel or cotton swab to stop oil from building up on the plastic frame.

How to Clean Glasses Between the Lenses and Frames

How to Clean Glasses Between the Lenses and Frames

One of the best ways to wash your glasses is to hang them on the frame with two clean hands. This prevents your glasses from slipping out of your hand and landing on the lenses, causing scratches or other damage.

Here’s how to clean glasses between the lens and frame:

Step 1: Rinse your glasses under a little warm water.

Anytime you clean your glasses, a quick rinse is critical. Turn on the faucet until the water is hot, then place your glasses underwater until they are submerged.

Step 2: Spray a small amount of cleaning solution of your choice onto the lenses.

Using gentle movements, massage Dawn Face Soap or Eyeglass Cleanser into the lenses. After covering the lenses, you can move to the frame, including the bridge of the nose, nose pads, and temples. Be sure to drive slowly to avoid scratching.

Step 3: Use a toothbrush or scrubber on the frame where you notice debris buildup.

Glasses can collect dust, makeup, and facial oils if not cleaned regularly. While you still have soap on your glasses, use a toothbrush or scrubber to remove debris from hard-to-clean areas like hinges. Also, pay special attention to any cracks. (Remember: you don’t have to perform this step every time you clean your glasses—just when you notice a buildup of debris.)

Step 4: Rinse off the cleaning solution.

Leaving soap or eyeglass cleaner on your glasses can cause stains. Once you’ve cleaned your glasses, put them in some warm water and give them a good shake after washing. Make sure to avoid using hot water, as high temperatures can damage any special coatings on the lenses.

Step 5: Dry your glasses.

A clean microfiber cloth is the best option for cleaning your glasses. Avoid drying your lenses or frames with t-shirts or paper towels, as they may scratch the lenses. After you dry your glasses, check for signs of damage. As long as you don’t notice any scratches, your glasses are good to go.

Washing Glasses’ Frames and Lenses

Washing Glasses’ Frames and Lenses

Don’t waste your new photo frame. Make a note to wash them daily to ward off the debris and keep them in their best overall shape.

Here’s how to clean glasses between the lens and frame:

  • Pour warm water over your glasses.
  • Put a little soap or eyeglass cleaner on the lenses. Massage the liquid into the lenses and frame.
  • If needed, scrub the frame with a toothbrush to remove debris.
  • Rinse your glasses again.
  • Dry the frame and lenses with a microfiber cloth.

How To Clean Glasses Nose Pads Inside

When cleaning glasses, the next important thing to clean is the nose pads. Here’s the ideal way to quickly cleanse your nose pads.

  • First, wash your hands with soap. Clean nose pads with a pre-moistened liquid wipe.
  • Rub the nose pad and the area between the nose pad and the frame. This step prevents unsightly green slime or dirt from forming on the edges of the frame.

How To Clean Glasses

You can effectively remove streaks and smudges with an eyeglass cleaning cloth. But it only works well if cleaned properly. Read on to learn how to keep your cleaning cloth clean and tidy.

  • When the glass cleaning cloth is not very dirty, only shaking or blowing it on the trash will do the trick.
  • But if it requires more than one shake, hand washing is a great option. Also, you can machine wash your glasses cleaning cloth.


Knowing how to clean your glasses can help you maintain your vision longer than planned. In addition, it can reduce the risk of skin diseases such as blackheads and acne.

We want you to take a few minutes each day to keep your glasses looking good.

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