Ht-18 Thermal Camera

Ht-18 Thermal Camera Review 2022 – Is It Really Good?

The ht 18 includes a holster case that you can wear over your shoulder. A thermal camera has a specialized use because it can capture infrared images that are invisible to the human eye.

The HT-18 thermal camera, also known as the 220 x 160 IR Resolution Infrared Thermal Imager on Amazon, is a thermal camera with impressive specifications for the cost. Read our review of the HT-18 to learn if it’s worth it. Let’s start!

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Product Features Of Ht-18 Thermal Camera

  • HIGH-RESOLUTION IMAGERY – Our 3.2″ full-color display screen displays thermal detection and visible light imagery in 220 x 160 resolution, enabling the user to see the full range of infrared imagery.
  • SELECT FROM 5 PALETTES – From the color schemes Rainbow, Iron Red, Cold Color, Black and White, and White and Black, choose the one that best suits the task at hand.
  • 4 GB SD CARD INCLUDED – No need to worry about purchasing an additional SD card or losing your recordings because we include 4 GB of storage so you can review the recordings on a laptop, TV, or another device.
  • IDEAL FOR PROFESSIONALS – This imaging camera is ideal for work in the medical, fire-fighting, archaeology, traffic, farming, and electronic manufacturing fields, as well as any job that requires accurate temperature readings (accurate within 2.5°F)
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE GRIP – This camera weighs only 0.83 pounds, making it ideal for easy storage and travel. It also comes with a travel pouch. designed with an ergonomic handle in a “gun” shape for comfort and ease at any angle. GUARANTEE: We provide hassle-free after-sale services: 60-Guaranteed day money back, a 24-month warranty, and lifetime technical support. We won’t permit our clients to squander their cash.
Ht-18 Thermal Camera

Pros And Cons Of Ht-18 Thermal Camera


  • High infrared resolution
  • Great battery life
  • Large LCD screen
  • Good value for money
  • Lightweight and comfortable grip


  • It’s challenging to replace the battery.
  • It’s difficult to align the visible and infrared images. If the object is sufficiently far away, it works better.

Specs Review For Ht-18 Thermal Camera

The portable thermal camera in question is the HT-18. “220 x 160 IR Resolution Infrared Thermal Imager” manufactured by Hti-Xintai is how you can find it on Amazon. Without a doubt, this camera has been successful, as evidenced by its 4.4 Amazon rating. I was interested to see if Chinese manufacturers would succeed in this sector, and they appear to be doing well right now.

The infrared sensor and small visible light camera are the first things you’ll see when you first glance at the device’s back. This is due to the fact that the two images will be merged to improve the final product.

The front buttons are neatly placed and satisfying to press. The power button, Menu, Select, and Enter buttons are all located on the left.

In our  HT-18 review, we’ll ignore the datasheet and specifications and instead focus on how this device actually functions and what settings are available.

There are five modes to choose from when adjusting the degree of image blending: either the visual image or just the infrared image. Then, you can select to blend them in the following ratios: 25%, 50%, or 75%.

Three points on the screen will be displayed by the thermal imager. The one in the center is used for center spot thermal measurements; it is fixed, and the temperature of this one will be shown in the upper left corner. The other two are dynamic; they change as you move the camera and display the highest and lowest points in the image. All of these can be selectively turned on or off.

There are a number of color schemes available for the Hti HT-18, including Rainbow, Cold Color, white and black, black and white, and iron oxide red. When you simply want to locate the warmest or coldest areas, grayscale palettes typically work best.

We’ll find all the fundamental adjustments when we access the settings menu:

  • The camera can be set to shut off automatically after 20, 5, or no time at all.
  • High, Medium, or Low screen brightness settings are available.
  • You can choose between English and Chinese as the language, which should give you a hint about the direction the world is taking.
  • Fahrenheit or Celsius can be selected as the temperature unit.
  • For some reason, you can change the time and date to the second.
  • The center spot thermal measurement can be activated or deactivated
  • You can change emissivity. The emissivity of a material decreases with glossiness, but for best results, simply search online for an emissivity table for the particular material you’re interested in.

Thermal Imaging Quality Review For Ht-18 Thermal Camera

Let’s take a look at the 220 x 160 IR Resolution Infrared Thermal Imager’s image quality. The infrared resolution is the first and most crucial component of this. Its dimensions are 220 by 160 pixels, for a total of 35,200 pixels.

For a camera at this price point, this resolution is high, and I’ve noticed that Chinese manufacturers are continually improving the ratio of price per pixel. Since it actually exceeds the 32,000 pixels in its price class, this is no exception to the trend of getting more resolution for the same price that has been going on for the past few years.

As soon as you start using it, you’ll see how detailed the thermal images are and how the outlines are distinct even without using the blending mode. When you pull the trigger, a JPG image is recorded.

This time around, however, the refresh rate is constrained to 9Hz in order to comply with the EAR export regulations in the USA, and it lacks a manual focus mode.

Temperature Range Review For Ht-18 Thermal Camera

The temperature range is moderately wide, ranging from -20 to 300 C (-4 to 572°F). Because AC and heaters fall within these parameters, the camera can be used for HVAC.

With a measurement precision of +/-2.5 C, the camera is also extremely accurate—again, this is typical for a camera in its price range. Also in the middle of its price range, like the accuracy, is the 0.07 C thermal sensitivity.

The viewing angle of this thermal imaging camera is 27 degrees by 35 degrees.

Battery Life & Memory Review For Ht-18 Thermal Camera

We now move on to actual word usage elements, such as internal memory. Instead of including an SD card slot, Hti Xintai equipped this thermal imager with a 3GB internal memory, which is more than enough for all of your thermal images. We have no issues with this decision.

The battery is the same; rather than using AA batteries, an 18,650mah rechargeable Li-Ion battery that can be charged using a micro USB cable has been mounted. This 2000 mah battery should easily last a few hours of thermal imaging. Keep in mind that because the camera is glued together, replacing it is very challenging.

Although the camera is well-glued and has a sturdy design, Hti has not given it an IP rating, so it is not waterproof or dustproof. While it is not a guarantee, it is possible that it might withstand some splashes.

The 3.2″ inch color LCD screen is one of the best features of this infrared camera, setting it apart from others in its price range that typically have a 2.4″ screen.

Customer Reviews On Amazon

  • “Because the minimum focal distance is too great to be used in electronics, that is the only thing that causes me to remove a star. For short focal distances, a wider angle is preferable because the field of view is similar to a 50 mm lens on a 35 mm camera.”
  • “The use of this is incredibly simple. I haven’t yet used it to look for ghosts or hidden treasures, but I have checked for air conditioner leaks and discovered a warm spot on my slab foundation, which I believe is either a hot water pipe or a drain because it was only detectable for a short period of time after taking a hot shower. The ability to switch from IR to visible is a feature that I really like. It is much simpler to see what is causing the temperature difference as a result. Additionally, I like that it is NOT an AP on a mobile device. “
  • “You, like me, desire a less expensive thermal camera to perform the task. This one’s image is a complete mess and has an extremely, extremely low resolution. It can detect the presence of a person, but if you want to know more specifics, like where the draft is coming from at the window trim, it can only display a broad range of blue images that roughly indicate where the cold is. “
  • “Whatever you pay for, you get. The device is only intended for a 20-inch range, according to the manual. The device is only really effective for finding hot spots if you scan very slowly because the majority of hot spots appear as amorphous blobs.”
  • “When I discovered this camera, I had hoped to have some money saved, but sadly, that wasn’t the case. Please don’t misunderstand, I still use the camera, but I was hoping to find a video capture camera. The only issue is that capture mode appears to lag occasionally despite how well it functions. In any case, I suggest this camera to anyone looking for a still thermal imaging camera.”

Our Verdict

This HT-18 must be what you’re looking for if you want the same temperature range and level of accuracy as HTI and are willing to sacrifice a few pixels for a lower price. You should be looking for these features in a thermal camera, which this product offers.

Furthermore, the battery has a long lifespan and the ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold for prolonged periods of time. Even with gloves on, using the camera is a breeze thanks to the large buttons. It could be helpful for a variety of purposes, including detecting heat that a water pipe emits through the surface. The location of the air leaks in your home could be determined using this, allowing for the implementation of energy-saving measures.

Although it has a lower resolution than its HT-19 counterpart, keep in mind that this 220×160 already has a higher price than other brands. This is an item that won’t let you down.

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