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Paper Shoot Camera Review 2022: Pros & Cons, More to Know!

The best part of taking a picture is being able to freeze a moment in time, which is more beautiful than the aesthetics or composition. Because of the significance of the story it represents, a picture really does speak a thousand words.

Inexpensive and simple to use, the paper shoot camera combines the convenience of a cell phone with the experience of a disposable camera. With no need for image development or scanning, the Paper Shoot camera is promoted as a fantastic substitute for people who enjoy the features of disposable cameras. 

On my most recent trip to Taipei, I made the decision to try something different. Of course, these days, we have our smartphones’ cameras and a photo for everything that occurs.

So What Exactly Is A Paper Shoot Camera?

In 2012, The Paper Shoot was developed in Taiwan. Its casing is constructed from environmentally friendly materials, hence the name. The first model got its name because the PCB and casing were made of recycled fiberglass and paper, respectively. According to this old YouTube video, the original casing included a tree seed.

Over the years, the camera has undergone significant revisions as its specifications gradually improved. A 2018 video for the PSIV, the last version mentioned, can be found on the business’ website. The EXIF Data describes mine as PAPER SHOOT-V and has a slightly different This is the fifth generation model, according to the PCB.

Paper Shoot Camera

Although the camera is sold without the casing, it is fairly simple to lock the camera inside by folding and using either the brass or clear plastic securing bolts. Before closing the case, insert two AAA batteries (preferably rechargeable).

There are literally hundreds of case designs available, including premium wooden cases, leather effects, and even Star Wars-themed options. The case can be changed. This implies that adjustments can be made if there are additional cases, but as we’ll see, this could present a problem for us Europeans.

Pros Of Paper Shoot Camera

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Alternative to disposable cameras
  • Different case designs are available
  • Aesthetically pleasing appeal
  • Shoots Video and time-lapse
  • Can help with phone addiction

Cons Of Paper Shoot Camera

  • Extremely poor battery life
  • Needs rechargeable batteries
  • Difficult to frame images correctly
  • SD card not included
  • Overpriced and bad value for money

Features Of Paper Shoot Camera

The Paper Shoot offers better prints than comparable Polaroid cameras like the Now+ or Go and functions like a disposable camera. Its photo quality is also closer to that of a smartphone.

Additionally, it yields a different outcome than adding lenses, which alter the camera’s perspective but not the image’s aesthetic.

It is reasonably priced in comparison to film cameras, especially when you take into account how expensive that technology can be and the money you would spend on image development.

You must first download them to an SD card because it is a digital camera before you can access them on your phone or computer.

How Are Making And Shooting Realized?

Just remember to install the batteries first. Assembly is simple. In order to secure the object, Paper Shoot offered two different types of bolts: clear plastic and brass. Both a screw head and a radial design are options with the brass bolt set’s 2 end plates. A strap made of a material that resembles a card is also present, but I never bothered to add it.

By pressing the shutter button on the front of the camera—which is located roughly where the tape spindle is on mine—you can turn it on and take pictures. At that point, the camera makes a shutter sound, and the rear LEDs turn on. If your SD card is full, has a problem, or the batteries are running low, these also function as warning lights that flash or turn on only one.

When first turned on, it takes about 2 seconds from pressing the shutter button until a picture is actually taken. Once active, that delay is reduced to about 1 second. Before you ask, the lag was just as bad on the performance-oriented Class 10 UHS-1 card from PNY as it was on the less-capable Class 4 generic card.

Just to mention, I put some reasonably charged Duracell rechargeable batteries in my camera. The camera has been connected to my PC for the entire week, so it should receive two or more hours of charging each day. 

Are Paper Shoot Eco-friendly?

In addition to being simple to put together, the slim design is also environmentally friendly. Paper Shoot prioritizes compact design and uses environmentally friendly materials, like stone paper for the case, in order to minimize its negative environmental impact. The main objective of Paper Shoot is to develop durable, environmentally friendly alternatives to disposable film cameras and films.

We are committed to doing our absolute best, according to Paper Shoot.” Whenever possible, we use sustainable materials, and we fight against unethical labor practices as part of our efforts to be responsible. We provide safe, healthy, and fulfilling working conditions for all of our employees in addition to living wages. Being mindful of the present moment, going back to the basics of photography, and shunning social media and cell phones are our three main objectives.

The appeal of Paper Shoot includes these ideals. In a world where almost everyone has a smartphone capable of taking high-definition photos with immediate results, Paper Shoot is a way to capture a moment. For cameras, picture slow fashion. Users are encouraged to unplug and connect to their surroundings by Paper Shoot’s thoughtful design.


Who Will Need a Paper Shoot Camera?

For anyone looking for a fun, environmentally friendly alternative to a disposable or film camera, Paper Shoot is the best option.

How Long Does Paper Shoot Battery Last?

It is compact and runs on just two AAA batteries, which, if kept together with the camera, should be enough to power it for a full day or two. Both an SD card slot and a USB port make it simple to upload photos and recharge on the go. A simple device that does the job is the Paper Shoot camera.

Is Paper Shoot Camera Reusable?

The Paper Shoot is entirely digital! AA batteries that can be recharged and 32GB SD cards are used for power. Using the USB cable that comes with your camera, you can recharge your camera whenever, as well as continually empty and reuse your SD card, meaning you can take unlimited photos.

Why Does My Paper Shoot Camera Keep Taking Pictures?

This indicates a low battery. Please use rechargeable batteries instead of non-rechargeable ones. If you already have rechargeable batteries, please recharge them by connecting your camera to a wall outlet or a portable charger over the course of the night.

Final Thoughts

Given that smartphones now come with cameras, the majority of people always carry a camera with them. However, the Paper Shoot digital camera is an intriguing alternative to smartphone cameras for those who don’t want to use their phones for everything or who simply enjoy cameras in general.

It’s a little amusing to use this. By making you plug the camera or card into your computer to view the images, it also imparts a more lo-fi aesthetic, which is perhaps helped.

On a good day, it can produce images that are on par with respectable modern budget smartphones. However, touch focus and exposure control will be available on your smartphone. It will probably be better at metering as well. and you can get all the film effect filtering you want and a review screen.

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