Canon PowerShot G9

Canon PowerShot G9 12.1 MP Digital Camera Review 2022

Most observers had written off Canon’s “prosumer” G range before the G7 was released last September, assuming that the introduction of cost-effective digital SLRs had effectively killed the market for high-end compacts like this.

Canon PowerShot G9 12.1 MP digital camera has a high-resolution 1024×768 movies at 15 frames per second, a My Colors mode that enables customized in-camera color effects, a 1cm macro mode, and an improved Face Detection system. Is the Canon Powershot G9 just the G7 with the RAW mode put back where it belongs, or is it a worthwhile upgrade for G7, IXUS, and A-series owners alike?

Continue reading our complete review of this camera, which includes all crucial information.

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Headline Features Of Canon PowerShot G9

  • 12.1 Megapixels (1/1.7″ sensor) with RAW mode for maximum image control
  • 6x optical zoom lens with optical Image Stabilizer and SR coating
  • DIGIC III and iSAPS for a lightning-fast response, superb image quality, and advanced Noise Reduction
  • Face Detection AF/AE/FE and Red-Eye Correction in playback
  • 3.0″ high-resolution, PureColor LCD II with extra wide viewing angle
  • ISO 1600 and Auto ISO Shift
  • Compact body with dedicated ISO and Multi Control dials
  • 25 shooting modes including full manual control and 2 custom settings
  • Extra telephoto reach with Digital Tele-Converter and Safety Zoom
  • Hot shoe support for Canon Speedlite flashes and optional lens accessories

Pros And Cons Of Canon PowerShot G9


  • Somewhat Compact
  • Build Quality
  • Image quality- up to 400 ISO
  • Large LCD viewer
  • ISO Dial
  • Button Layout
  • Lots of shooting options especially creative and manual controls
  • Macro capabilities
  • Hotshoe Mount for external flash
  • Ability to move the focus point anywhere on the LCD screen
  • Redeye reduction within camera editing
  • Movie capabilities


  • Image quality -800 and above
  • Onboard flash
  • Battery life
  • Price
Canon PowerShot G9

Handling Of Canon PowerShot G9

The G9’s controls, like those on most compact digital cameras, are fairly small, but the shooting mode and ISO dials are knurled for comfort and positively click into place. The control dials around the arrow pad move easily and positively (sometimes a little too easily), and the arrow pad itself protrudes slightly from the camera’s body. We feel that users with large hands or fingers may find it difficult to operate the shutter button with any degree of precision, so we would have preferred that the zoom control be slightly larger and the zoom thrust be a little longer.

Although the camera can be operated with one hand, the grip on the front panel is small, and when it’s held securely and comfortably, some controls are hidden by your fingers. Although the interface terminal bay (USB 2.0 Hi-Speed, A/V out) has a hard plastic cover, it is less practical for the card slot to share the battery compartment.

When the camera is not in use, the lens neatly fits inside the body of the device, but when it is, it extends outward by about 30mm. Thankfully, at maximum zoom extension, it is not visible in the viewfinder. By using a unique conversion ring (not included with the camera), wide and telephoto converter lenses are optional and can be used.

Ease Of Use

Canon’s G-series compacts, which are so packed with features that they could technically be considered a bridge camera and are therefore just one step below a full-featured DSLR, have long been the exclusive domain of ardent enthusiasts. Why choose the Canon Powershot G9 when you could be the proud owner of an interchangeable lens EOS 400D DSLR for only a little bit more money? The Canon Powershot G9’s 6x optical zoom does not quite reach “super zoom” status. To start, the G9 fits conveniently into a coat pocket despite its boxy dimensions. It thus makes a case for being the most overqualified spur-of-the-moment camera available. However, that is conceivable given its fairly affordable price. The G9 has an advantage over comparable bridge cameras and super zooms because it’s admittedly modest but thankfully image stabilized 6x zoom (a still respectable 35-210mm range in 35mm terms) and is stored flush to the body when not in use.

But one aspect of the camera that makes a good first impression is the build. Like a war photojournalist’s dependable Leica, it seems like it could be dropped, beaten up a bit (possibly shot at), and still keep working. Basically, it doesn’t feel like Canon has cut any corners to bring the camera to market at this price

Software Of Canon PowerShot G9

All of the tried-and-true Canon programs are included in the software package, including ZoomBrowser EX (Windows), ImageBrowser (Mac), PhotoStitch, and CameraWindow DC. Printing, editing and downloading image files are all possible with ZoomBrowser and ImageBrowser. Additionally, these applications are used to view and convert the camera’s raw files, and they support a remote triggering feature that enables you to command the shutter of the camera from a computer that is connected.

Both programs allow users to export images as screen savers or wallpaper, view slideshows, rename single or multiple files, extract frames from movie clips, and view or view slideshows. By scaling down image files before sending them, they support direct emailing of image files as well. A series of images captured using PhotoStitch’s Stitch Assist mode can be combined into a panorama and saved as a separate file.

Performance Of Canon PowerShot G9

However, we noticed a tendency for blown-out highlights and blocked-up shadows in photos taken in bright, contrasty lighting. Despite the test camera’s ability to capture clear, vibrant images, For a compact digital camera, colors tended to look more natural and had elevated saturation. Imatest demonstrated that resolution was generally consistent and good throughout the camera’s ISO range, with some fall-off at ISO 1600. Although there was little resolution loss at wider or narrower apertures, the best resolution was discovered between f/4.5 and f/6.3.

We didn’t notice any sharpening or compression artifacts in our test images, nor did we notice any over-sharpening. Although a small amount of colored fringing was observed around the edges of images taken in bright outdoor lighting, lateral chromatic aberration was shown to be low. Along with increased saturation in reds and blues, Imatest revealed some color changes in the cyan region. Skin tones, on the other hand, appeared to be very close to their desired values.

Customer Review From Amazon

  • “I bought this camera as a diaper bag camera, so to speak, to replace my DSLRs when we were out and about with our newborn child. While the Canon S3 IS was a good camera and I had previously purchased it, it was still too large to fit in my pocket and lacked the ability to use an external flash if I so desired. “
  • “Since I purchased this camera a year ago, I’ve had excellent results. It’s reliable, takes mostly excellent pictures, and is fully customizable – kind of a mini DSLR. Although you can only switch lenses by buying additional adapters, I wanted a portable, lightweight camera that I wouldn’t have to carry around extra lenses. I also desired video functionality.”
  • “This is a camera for someone who has at least a year’s worth of good experience with a previous “prosumer” camera. It’s not for Little Johnny and his summer camp exploits, but I think you already know that given the cost. While you can certainly give it to a child, a novice will quickly become confused because there are so many higher function settings and dials. “
  • “I’ll preface this by saying that my photographer friend and I, who both own Canon’s excellent 5D DSLR, both purchased a G9 from Amazon to be our “grab-and-go” compact cameras so we would not have to always lug around the 5D and its lenses. We are both participants in the neighborhood camera club.”
  • “I began using point-and-shoot cameras and various film manual 35 mm SLRs a long time ago. When the digital era arrived, I bought several iterations of Minolta DiMAGE pocket cameras. For my downhill skiing excursions, I wanted a tough, dependable, small, and intelligent camera with a viewfinder, the fewest possible controls, and the capacity to record movies. At the time, DiMAGE cameras exceeded my expectations. They were put to daily use at work, at home, and on vacation. Sadly, Minolta went out of business before developing a compact camera with image stabilization. When taking hand-held photos in low light, IS is crucial. “

PowerShot G9 Vs. G7

There are only three really significant changes in the G9: the raw mode, the screen, and the sensor. In this sense, the G9 is an incremental upgrade.

  • Higher resolution (12MP vs 10MP)
  • Slightly larger sensor (1/1.7 as opposed to 1/1.8 inch)
  • Redesigned front grip and rear thumb rest
  • Enhanced Face Detection technology
  • Red-eye correction in playback
  • Auto ISO shift
  • Compatibility with ST-E2 wireless flash transmitter
  • Marginally better battery life (240 shots vs 220 shots, CIPA standard)
  • Two custom White Balance settings (as opposed to one)


The PowerShot G9 has many advantages, including being well-built, fully feature-packed, and small enough to fit into a jacket pocket. It would be a fantastic compact backup camera for DSLR users because it provides many of the same shooting controls and supports raw file capture. Additionally, it would offer some beneficial features that DSLRs do not. You have access to a wide variety of video formats, including widescreen, as well as tools for creating audio recordings or adding sound to images.

The G9’s body was not created for maximum comfort when handling; however, it is not a beginner’s camera. Although the price is largely justified by the camera’s functionality and image quality, it is also relatively expensive for a digicam. It’s capable of producing excellent results when used by skilled hands.

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